Growth Spurt

These last 24(ish) hours have been… challenging.

I remember the 6-weeks age with Graham – which really is saying something because his entire first year of life, especially infancy, have almost been wiped clean from memory. Even so? I remember that 6-week age being… challenging too.

There is supposedly a documented 6-week growth spurt for babies, and I believe Reid is deep in the throes of it.


It started yesterday with a feeding frenzy. Instead of being full and happy after eating, Reid would arch his back and screech for more. And so the cluster feeding began. Eventually he’d pass out for some fitful sleep, but sleep would be short and, soon enough, he’d be back at the eating game again.

Even last night’s sleep wasn’t great. (But it is worth noting that it wasn’t terrible either.)

Today was more of the same. I couldn’t put Reid down while he was sleeping or he’d wake up crying in a matter of minutes. Essentially, my entire day has consisted of feeding, calming a crying baby or sitting with a sleeping baby in my lap.


it is.

Until Waking Hour #7.

And then you realize that you have been awake all day with an unhappy baby, sporting greasy unbrushed hair, wearing pajamas that you’ve had on for just shy of 24 hours, having barely moved off the couch – and STILL you cannot set the sleeping baby in his crib or he will wake up and cry for the 294,485,078th time.

Approximately speaking, of course.

It was about that time that I called Andy to whimper out my day’s grievances. He, of course, could do nothing from his desk down in Dallas, but just talking it out refreshed me to try for the 294,485,079th time. And wouldn’t you know it? Success.

And long enough to take a shower at that.

Now I’ve got Andy and Graham home and things are looking up. Reid is feeling satisfied after meals again, and he just had a 2-hour nap. Yippee!

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