Gym Time… and Some Blather About the Swing

Not much new to report here. (Shouldn’t be, should there? What with the recent uptick in posting frequency.)

We’ve been totally rocking an eat-play-sleep routine today, much thanks to my discovering that I had our infant swing in the absolute wrong position for newborns.

You see, there are two degrees of “recline” on the swing seat: Reclined and Only-Somewhat-Reclined. The first is for newborns; the latter is for older infants. Guess which one I had our precious little newborn baby in? Andy and I were kinda wondering why, every so often, we’d look over and find Reid slouched forward in his seat.


Swing drama aside, I grabbed some more footage of happy Reid under his play gym and additional tummy time (with a grand finale).

Do let me know if these are getting kinda… boring. I’ve got Mommy Goggles on. 😉

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