Happy Birthday, Baby Reid

365 days. One full, hold-on-to-your-hats, dizzying ride around the sun.

Our baby boy is one year old today.

Yes, this guy.

10 days
Raise your hand if you remember that Reid was born with brown hair??

I remember a year ago with vague flashes of memory. I remember that Reid caused some really convincing false labor two times before he ultimately got his eviction notice. I was the Braxton Hicks queen of them all. Every night I had timeable contractions. Every night they got closer and closer together. Then I would go to bed, wake up not contracting, get dressed and go to work.

Then December 4th, we left Graham with my mom and headed to the hospital. My water broke at 8:00 a.m. and four hours later, Reid William was born – at 12:08 a.m.

As with Graham, it was the easiest labor & delivery ever. (They seriously need to put me on A Baby Story, because my experience would make first time mommies a lot less nervous for delivery. But then again, it would make terrible T.V.)

Reid arrived on the scene peaceful and content. Day 2 brought some fussies, but we figured him out pretty quickly.


“Wrap me up and feed me milk, and I’ll take it easy on your ears. Deal?”

Reid was pretty much my maternity leave buddy for 3 months. We hung out. Watched some T.V. Ate Christmas cookies. Thought seriously about sleeping a couple of times.

Then the smiles came and with them, his sunny personality.

Where Graham was slapstick and drama, Reid was a ready smile for anyone who looked his way.

Bumbo Smiles
Who could forget the ear infection that would not clear? The unprecedented three rounds of uber-antibiotic shots – one in each leg all three times. Sunk deep into those meaty hamhocks halfway to the thighbone. Dr. G, in his no-nonsense way telling me that we had two choices, do this ridiculous shot nonsense again or, at the ripe old age of 4 months, tubes. We made the right choice, after seeing what comes out of said tubes after each particularly nasty cold!

I had no idea just how many firsts we would have with our second child.

photo 3
This is about the time that Graham realized that being a big brother had big payoffs.

He has more love for Baby Reid than I have seen him have for anyone else, bar none. Fierce protector. Thoughtful teacher. Willing playmate. (And, sometimes, overzealous snitch.) ūüėČ

One of the things that I love most about this baby is his willingness to just roll with it. Yes, right now at 12 months, he’s getting a healthy respect for the uncertainty of life. Getting more sensitive and quick to frighten. But for the most part he is a go-with-the-flow, feel the wind blow through your hair kinda kid.

So very literally, sometimes.

7 months - vacation
With Reid,¬†I played dress-up.¬†Every chance I got, I put this kid in¬†a cutesy outfit. He makes such a great Ken doll. ūüėČ

7 months
And boy, did we have to make sure and change clothes a lot at our house because did Reid ever grow quickly! Especially between 6 and 10 months. In the 90th %iles for everything!

9 months
Reid is a voracious eater. His thighs tell no lies, so they say. (Just kidding, nobody says that. Except me. Just now.)

10 months
For Halloween this year, we dressed the boys in matching outfits. Graham as Tigger. And Reid as the cutest Pooh Bear you ever did see.

He’s so clever –¬†bringing his own treats for trick-or-treating. ūüėČ

Shortly after, we moved out of Texas. (Always remember, Baby Reid, you were born there. You have dual citizenship!!) Onto Wisconsin. He took that all in stride too, of course. All said, this year we learned that he doesn’t really love car. Especially the last hour or two of a long drive. Thankfully for everybody we eliminated a big travel ordeal for one large branch of the family visits!

Reid has been acclimating to¬†life here¬†quite well. On the one¬†hand,¬†he’s had a pretty big¬†sleep regression, but on the other –¬†we get to look at him in all kinds of¬†different adorable hats!!¬†Life’s a tradeoff.

bird hat
Reid, it has been a joy to watch you grow over the last year, and it’s frankly so hard for me to remember you as itty bitty. Hard to believe you were not always this broad, strapping boy we know today. With cheeks that insist on stretching out for miles. And dimples that knock the breath right out of my body.

So, here we are. One year old, and you have brought us so many laughs and so, so much love.

This time last year, we had absolutely no idea who you were. Today, I absolutely can’t imagine life without you.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet angel baby.


  1. Debbie, you’re so eloquent. ¬†Your love shines through your words.

    • That really means a lot. The goal is that these boys can read this someday and have a glimpse of how it felt to raise them. (The secondary goal is that it doesn’t land them in therapy.)

  2. Isn’t it amazing? The most striking thing to me was how Jocelyn just loved Donovan right from the beginning. She spent a few months being really mad at me (and didn’t fully forgive me for about a year). But Donovan? You didn’t mess with baby Donovan. He needed blankets, toys, etc.

    Congratulations for parenting 2 for a full year! This was a joy to read, and it was great to watch him ‘grow’ in the pictures. Good job, mama!

    • It’s quite an accomplishment – having two kids! I don’t know how you did it with them closer in age like you did. But yay us! I’ll toast to that!

  3. Such a beautiful love letter (sniff: sniff). Love to you all; I miss you terribly but I’m so thankful for this blog.

  4. Happy Birthday Reid! I hope you had a wonderful day!

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