Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Merry Christmas from down here in Texas! We had a very memorable first Christmas with our little elf, Reid. Very memorable indeed!

Andy’s family made the trip in to meet the littlest guy and to celebrate the holiday together. Craig, Susan and Michael drove down from Kansas City, and Brian, Michelle and Charlie made their first trip back to Dallas since having moved to Atlanta. Yes, it was crazed at times having everyone under one roof (I’ll expound on that more later), but so awesome to have everyone together.

Uncle Michael hasn’t lost his touch with babies. :)

Craig, Susan and Michael drove in on the 23rd and Brian, Michelle and Charlie arrived on Christmas Eve. That night, the family (minus Reid and I, opting to stay out of crowds to avoid this righteous cold and flu season) attended Christmas Eve services and came home to a meal of lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread and glazed carrots.

Graham served up the appetizers – cream cheese and pepper jelly – offering to make everyone cracker after cracker with spread on it. 😉

I seriously love that kid so much.

We also had the opportunity to partake in a new tradition that night. Michelle brought opłatki, which is part of a Polish Christmas tradition using a wafer where we all essentially take the time to wish each other a Merry Christmas. Loved it. :) Makes me feel like I’m making my distant Polish relatives proud.

Our family. Can you believe it? To think that Andy and I were just starry-eyed high school sweethearts at one point.

The boys.

And the expanded family. :)

Mama’s little Christmas cookie. Slept through most of the festivities!

Speaking of Christmas cookies – talk about a struggle getting two 2-year-olds to leave Santa some delicious treats! The glass of milk was no problem, but getting the boys to put cookies on a plate without eating them was practically not worth the effort. Charlie took a big bite out of one and put it on the plate. Graham put a couple of cookies out, but then grabbed his last Spritz cookie and shoved the whole thing in his mouth and made a run for it.

Sorry Santa!

Santa was merciful though and blessed our home with lots of goodies anyway. What a guy. (Note Reid’s infamous Christmas stocking at the center of the mantle. Ha!)

Charlie was the first little one up on Christmas morning.

Graham followed shortly thereafter. (If you think you notice some color under his left eye, you do. He had a run-in with Charlie and a drumstick on Christmas Eve.) Here we are finding the Play-Doh Santa left in his stocking. Santa also left him a Thomas train track (to go with the Thomas train that baby Reid gave Graham in the hospital) and a fire truck.

Charlie got a tricycle for Christmas this year! Don’t get too attached to the handlebar streamers though, they lasted mere hours before Charlie pulled them all out!

Charlie took every opportunity to get acquainted with his new cousin.

And we played a rousing game of baby torture in the form of several outfit changes. This one is my far-and-away favorite. Courtesy of Auntie M’s Black Friday endeavors.

As if that wasn’t enough… GUESS WHAT??

We had a white Christmas!! That’s right… snow and ice! What a great excuse to snuggle in and not go anywhere! Hot cocoa for everyone! :)

Brian and Michelle were staying down in Plano, but Christmas night we ALL stayed at our house. There was nary an upholstered surface in this house that didn’t have someone sleeping on it! Craig and Susan were on a pullout couch in Andy’s guitar room. Brian and Michael slept on our big sectional couch in the game room. Graham moved to an inflatable mattress on the floor of his room, and Michelle slept on his twin bed. Charlie slept in Reid’s room, and Reid was in his usual accommodations in the Pack n Play in our room.

These two boys were not upset at ALL to have the extra time together. :) Here, they’re sharing a bag of Goldfish crackers that Graham snagged from the pantry.

Charlie was happy to have some extra snuggle time with Reid.

Nothing like an impromptu sleepover, huh? It made me so happy to have everyone under one roof. In fact I told Andy so when we went to bed that night with the glow of the moon kicking off the snow in the backyard. What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas. Hope yours was wonderful too!


  1. These pictures bring a smile to my face. To think, you almost had everyone staying elsewhere according to original plans. Nature and effort put us all together as if it were meant to be. It was a Herculean effort to keep us all fed and comfortable, especially while one of us was three weeks old. It didn’t go unnoticed.  Can’t wait to get together again. (Hopefully, with less tantrums.)

  2. Best Christmas ever. Just when I thought nothing could top last year, it did. Thank you for being so brave and hosting us with a three week old :) 

    On a side note, I love all of these pictures but my favorite is the one of Craig and Susan and the boys. To think their love created six amazing men/boys is pretty awesome. Hope to be so lucky some day. 

  3. Dad Paulson says:

    Great article, and wonderful pictures! It sounds such such a GREAT time! Your family is growing up! To see the picture of the Fischer “boys” gives me chills to think of time moving on! Great memories are already being formed. Delightful! Love to you all! Dad Paulson

  4. OMG!  I’m overwhelmed!  What a fantastic synopsis of the Christmas holiday!  I thank you Andy and Debbie for your wonderful hospitality!  I think I would have cried over having to host all of my in-laws after just giving birth.  The previous comments bring tears to my eyes.  I have reread them several times.  Love you all!

  5. What a great way to start my new year! Sharing these photos and your stories brings me much joy and even though I wasn’t there I feel like I was! Your family is beautiful and I’m glad you had such a memorable holiday.  Love to all of you!

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