Here in KC

Hello there! Quick post. No pics. Maybe I’ll just post pics in the next entry for catch-up  purposes.

We are wrapping up a weekend at Andy’s folks’ house in Kansas City. We have had a great visit. The car trip out was great. We’ve made it out to eat, to a natural history museum and Legoland. We had a visit out to Grandma Vena’s apartment, and tonight Andy’s Aunt Sue and Uncle Dave made a stop through.

Reid’s been cutting his two upper eye teeth, so he’s been a bit fussier than usual and we’ve been indulging his paci (he calls it “nonny”) habit more than we normally would. Otherwise, he’s showing off all his words. In fact – new this weekend – instead of saying “Where Grampa?” he’s saying, “Where Grampa go?”

Graham’s been entertaining himself with all of Uncle Michael’s spare toys that have been left around: namely a Batman mask and superhero Pez dispensers. Amazingly he has been sleeping in Michael’s room, Reid has been sleeping in the guest room and Andy and I have been sleeping in what was his room. Let me recap that for you:

We fill every room in the upstairs of Andy’s parents’ house.

How did that happen?

Last night, we drove downtown and hung out with my cousin, Lorien, and her boyfriend Ryan. We had a great time – ate Ethiopean food (cue the Billy Crystal joke from “When Harry Met Sally”) and played games back at Lorien’s condo. It was so nice to connect and have an evening that didn’t involve wiping mouths and refilling sippy cups!

Tomorrow we leave for home. Oddly enough I have to be in Chicago tomorrow night, so I’m picking up a rental car in Iowa City and leaving the boys to drive the remainder stretch of road back to Madison themselves. I’ll drive from Iowa to Chicago to watch some focus groups, then I’ll continue the drive home to Madison afterward.

Suffice it to say, I will be quite tired tomorrow. :) Aye aye aye.

Just a quick update from here! More later!

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