Hello and how are you?  We’ve seen far better days than the week we’ve just been through.  We, ourselves are fine, but my family’s been through some grievous heartache.  To go on about it any further would be either oversharing to the point of ‘it’s not our news to share’ or undersharing to the point where it’s annoying to read because OUT WITH IT ALREADY.  Just keep us in your prayers, and God will know exactly what you’re talking about.

We’ve been fairly busy here with the single parenting business that leaves no time for blogging.  First I was in Illinois for a recruiting-trip-turned-family-visit.  The next week Andy spent half the week in Austin.  No time to write when we’ve got things like this going on.  We made it out to a pumpkin farm in the weekend between the two aforementioned excursions.  I posted pics here.

This weekend, we learned that Graham is no longer into the mall thing – what with the I MUST GO OFF ON MY OWN TO PLAY WITH THOSE CHOKING HAZARDS/BE ABDUCTED BY 1,000,000 DIFFERENT STRANGERS attitude he has right now.  We also got to watch our nephew, Charlie.  Almost 6 months Graham’s junior, I wasn’t certain how this afternoon would go, but I was excited to see how it’d turn out.  Turn out it DID, and we all had a blast.  The first half of the afternoon was completely devoted to napping.  The second half was devoted to outdoor play.  Here’s a clip.

We’ve got a fun pre-Halloween week coming up here.  We’ll have the cameras at-the-ready!  Meanwhile, cute video.  (At least we think it’s cute.  :)


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Sweet little boys! We wish we could kiss them right now!

  2. Andy, orange is for Illini.

    I’m glad that Debbie wore her Illinois shirt to the farm. Just to tell everybody, “Hey, I’m legit. I’ve been to a farm before.”

  3. Love, love, love. I noticed all of the pictures on the driveway last night and wondered how they got there….
    Thanks again for watching C (which is also for Charlie).

  4. I’m really glad that came across, Brian, because the “My childhood pumpkin patch was featured on Martha Stewart.” t-shirt was in the wash.

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