Holy Schnikes

Holy guacamole, we’re going to have another baby. Another baby? I can’t really wrap my head around that one. I am completely and utterly at a loss for words.

This week has been… less awesome than most weeks, what with the stomach virus and headcolds that some and/or all of us have been dealing with. (At some point, you stop trying to figure out who has what and who hasn’t had what yet and you just approach life with “Let’s all just get through this and feel better, shall we?!”)

But, the week just got a lot more awesome with this news, no? I certainly think so.

:::sigh::: and WOW.

When we found out we were expecting Graham I was blissfully and over-the-top elated, because I clearly had no idea what was about to happen to all of us. Now, I’m happy – no doubt about it – but I feel more like a deer in the headlights because, dude… I really just got signed up for all of that again, didn’t I? Didn’t we? :)

One day at a time. I’m so excited that I get to write about it from the beginning and keep this little secret until we’re ready, because WordPress rocks my socks off and will keep these posts private until I tell it to.

Well… are you ready, friends and family? Because, ready or not, here we go again!!

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