Home Again

Hello! I’m pleased to be writing you from home on my comfy couch, dressed in sweatpants and covered in a fleecy blanket. It has been quite a day – but a day of travel with a toddler usually is.

This week was great. We arrived to Illinois on Tuesday, early afternoon. The trip there wasn’t too bad. We had to wake Graham up a little early to catch our flight. He did oooookay on the flight – had his own seat for the first time. His newfound emancipation totally went to his head because, after the flight, if I so much as put a hand on his thigh on the shuttle bus to the rental car, he’d pick up my hand, say “No” and remove my hand from his leg.


On Wednesday, Michael, Rose Gabriel and Elijah came over for a visit over lunch, and Wednesday night Tony, Erin and Carsten arrived. My great uncle and aunt, Mark and Marilyn, also arrived that evening, and on Turkey Day itself we had everyone mentioned in this paragraph plus my uncle (Dad’s brother) and freshly-minted aunt, Phil and Marian. Quite the group, if I do say so!

Graham had an awesome time playing with all his cousins. His trademark greeting to the shorter set right now is to blow huge raspberries at them as soon as he sees them. So far, this totally seems to break the ice and really bring together some of those like minds.

Speaking of G, he had a name for everyone this visit.

  • Grandma = “Nama”
  • Grandpa = “Gam-pah”
  • Uncle Michael = “Mi-[unintelligible muttering that trails off]”
  • Aunt Rose = “Wose”
  • Gabriel = “Biel”
  • Elijah = “[unintelligible muttering]-jah” :)
  • Uncle Tony = “No-nee”
  • Aunt Erin = “Aiwen”
  • Carsten = “Nah-nen”

It was such a fun visit. I’m so glad we went. Graham was maybe a little punk the first day and a half, but he really didn’t suffer from this hand-foot-mouth thing. At all.

The trip home today was really good. This flight was a lot fuller than the flight out, so we had to split up and sit in two separate rows. Andy completely blew me away with an offer to sit next to Graham on the flight and let me take the lone seat in the row behind them. Score. It was amazing. I flipped through magazines, slept… it felt like a spa vacation.

Meanwhile, one row up, the boys did a fine job of amusing themselves. :)


Then, since Graham didn’t sleep on the plane during his actual nap time, he zonked out in the car in 2 minutes flat.


We collected Hugo from the kennel and headed for home. And now, we rest. It’s nice to get home in enough time to have some downtime before heading back to work. Hope you all had as great of a Thanksgiving as we did!!


  1. Yes, it was a great week together. Having everyone home at the same time is a rare and wonderful thing! As I read your descriptions of Graham’s pronunciations of names, I could hear him saying them! Now, if only I could get a lights-out nap like your last picture…

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