Homemade Goop

It rained this weekend. *All* weekend. (Except when we decided to drive out to see Brian, Michelle and Charlie on Sunday. Then, of course, the weather was on its best behavior.)

By the afternoon on Saturday, though, we were going pretty stir crazy, which – of course – meant Graham was a total crankmaster. It was 4:30. Too early for dinner, past nap and after snack. Should we resort to T.V.? Nah, we had Goop.

Have you heard of Goop? It’s amazing. All you need is:

0.5 cup cornstarch (yep, like Argo)
0.25 cup water (plain old cold tap water will do fine)

Put the two together in a bowl, and stir with a spoon. It’s going to seem like there isn’t enough water, but trust me: there’s plenty. Once you can’t see powder anymore you’re done.

Now, the fun.

Goop gets angry when it’s bothered, so if you stir it, scoop it, roll it, pat it… whatever… it’ll chip and break and crumble. But! If you pick it up and out some on the palm of your hand, Goop will totally chill out again and instantly drip and dribble and generally ooze all over the place.

This is total toddler fun.


Not clean fun, mind you, but the clean-up is so easy. (Goop rinses clean with water only, no staining and no scrubbing.) Such a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. :) (Ahem, toddlers totally not required!)


(Geek break: this is a beautiful example of a shear-thickening, or dilatant, fluid. Just textbook. If you need an example of a shear-thinning fluid, look in the fridge for some ketchup. It’s the answer to why you pound and pound and pound a glass bottle of ketchup to no avail, then with one random blow, all of the sudden have a half pound of the red stuff drowning your steak fries. Goop is the opposite. Sorry – couldn’t help myself!!)


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Love his look of concentration.

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