Houses and Home

I can’t believe it’s Friday! This week has gone so stinking fast it makes my head spin.

House hunting [the day before yesterday] went well. Andy stayed behind with the kids while I screened through 12 homes. I narrowed it to 5 places, and he’s going to go see them on Sunday.

It’s funny to be home shopping after actually having been a homeowner. Andy and I are both a lot more sure about we want, what we need and what we really don’t want to settle for. Knowing that, I really started to feel like I was on that show “House Hunters”. “House 1 had lots of space and I loved the basement, but the location is a little further out from the city than I was hoping for. House 2 is older but has tons of charm. I’m worried it would be too small for our family. House 3 has a great yard and location but the kitchen needs updating.”

You know.

Nothing was perfect, but there were some good ones in the bunch!

Today, I took care of the kids while Andy focused on the job hunt. We bundled up and went to the park.


Lots of colors to be had here. 😉

Graham and Reid had so much fun at the park. We even found a piece of equipment they could both ride on!


It’s so perfect. Reid can’t believe how amazing this is and Graham is making sure Reid is staying on okay.

Also? Intervention isn’t needed for the boys’ clothing, I promise. Reid isn’t looking *as* bad here, but we need some better coordination in the outerwear department. I’m working on it. :)

Later on, we took another walk outside while Andy was doing some grocery shopping. This time, I knew the boys needed to wear at least proper coats.

Reid has some growing to do to grow into Graham’s old coat. Hee.

puffy jacket

This baby, I tell ya. I am reduced to mush at his merciless cute attacks. Speaking of. he tried to eat his dinner tonight by pushing it through his face and coating it in his hair.


We had tacos and – I kid you not – there was hamburger floating in the tub when we were finished bathing him. Gross, absolutely. But it was cute when we started.

Oh, oh – and we’ve got a line on daycare! That happened today. We visit (or, should I say Andy will visit – because I will be at work!!) the place on Monday. Found a place that looks good on paper and has availability. Woohoo!

That’s about it from here. On to the weekend!

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