How to Catch a Reid

Who doesn’t love a little Baby Reid in the middle of their day – I do!

Reid is a babbling fool. He enjoys talking, even if he’s not saying a word. He tries really hard, and sometimes he gets so excited he just bellows (or squeaks!)

Yeah, the hat? He insists on wearing it in the car. But when the car arrives at its destination it’s “ALL DONE, HAT!” Last night, when we got home from the drug store, he said, “HOME! All done, hat!”

If Reid is locomoting between two places, he’s moving like a fullback. There is no exception to this. They say men lead with their chests and women with their hips when they walk. Reid leads with his head. He is constantly running at a 25-degree angle, slanted forward, barreling to.. wherever.

To that end, if you have the pleasure of greeting Reid when he is excited to see you, try not to be gullible enough to crouch down to catch him in his adorable running hug. Keep your feet firmly planted in a standing position with your knees slightly bent. It better absorbs the shock from the tackle.

“Tackle,” by the way, is one of his few words. It’s starting to become the tip of the iceberg. He also loves all things with wheels. He’s fairly non-discriminating in his vehicular interest, but he can say “car” and – more recently – “choo-choo” so he does tend to gravitate toward those objects.

After dinner most nights, he suddently realizes that he has an urgent need to play with his cars. He’ll motion “All done” after dinner, remove his bib and say, “All duh… play car??!?” One night, he stood straight up from his little chair in the middle of an episode of Curious George and said, “MOMMY!! PLAY CAR!!” Like he’s worried we’re going to tragically run out of time and head to bed before he’s had his due.

It’s a mini-Reid update. I just can’t stop watching this video today. 😉


  1. UNCLE BRIAN!!! says:

    The squealing reminds me of when Charlie and Graham were about his age, they’d see each other, and just squeal because they didn’t know what else to say. This would be followed by 20-30 minutes of running through the kitchen, dining room, living room circle. I miss those times.

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