Hugo’s Owie

I had a pretty busy day yesterday. Went to the doctor, ran by work, and didn’t get home until about mid-afternoon. I called for Hugo, but he didn’t come see me. I figured he was in the middle of one of his infamous afternoon snoozes.

My friend Jaime texted that she was going to swing by close to 5:00 to pick up some cowboy boots for a photo shoot with her kiddos.

As soon as she rang the doorbell, I heard a bark and the sound of four chocolate paws bounding down the stairs to greet our friend. I was busy shuffling the baby, so Hugo pulled ahead of me. I reached eyeshot of the front door just as Hugo let out a sharp whimper and collapsed on the ceramic tile – 2 feet shy of the front door.

I let Jaime in, and Hugo didn’t move. A half second later, he moved to try and stand up, whimpered again, and laid back down on the floor.

I swear my blood ran cold. It didn’t help AT ALL that this is what Marley looked like in the Marley and Me movie just before they drove him to the vet and put him down. That’s all I could think about. (So like me – always assuming the worst.)

The rest was a blur. Jaime offered to stay with Reid while I took Hugo to the vet and Andy made his way home with Graham. I called the vet, and they told me to bring him in, even though they were past their last appointment of the day. The vet was still there, he’d stay to see us.

God bless our vet. I swear up and down we have found ourselves a saint. Small town practicality in a big city is REALLY hard to find.

Jaime and I lifted Hugo into my car and we set off. Once the vet saw Hugo, he said, “You manage to tweak your back, buddy?” Hugo was laid out flat on the floor, but he rolled his eyes up at the doctor and gave him a couple tail thumps on the floor.

Our doctor gave Hugo a full physical workover. Hugo seemed to mind the most when the vet bent his neck straight backward, so that’s where he is focusing treatment.

Everything else checked out okay, so the vet gave Hugo a shot of anti-inflammatory medicine and a shot of narcotic (morphine-like, according to the vet) painkiller. He sent us home with more anti-inflammatory meds and also some muscle relaxants.

Suffice it to say: this dog is feeling no pain!

That evening, back at home, Hugo had no interest in dinner. He made one trip to relieve himself outside, then sacked out on the floor for the rest of the night.

This morning, he’s a bit more nimble. His kibble was also gone when we woke up. Seems that it was just a neck injury – nothing incredibly serious. We’ll stay on meds a few more days and then see how he does.

The vet says that “Rest and relaxation are the best medicine here.” So, uh, yeah. Hugo’s going to be juuuust fine. 😉


  1. Isn’t Hugo’s life all about rest and relaxation? Not sure what’s different here :)
    Glad He-go will be okay. 

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