If It Ain’t Broke…

So, we’re preparing for a road trip in the imminent future to see Mom and Dad in Illinois. I’m incredibly excited to go see them, but recent focus has been put toward the 800 mile trip that lies before us.

Andy ordered sun shades for the back seat and a pair of headphones for Graham (so he can listen to the iPad). He even installed an iPod jack in my car so I can listen to my playlists now (whee!).

All I have been able to pay attention to, lately, is the persistent squealing of my brakes. I’ve been knowing that I need to get the car in, but… guys, it’s just never a good time. When you have two full-time jobs, a husband who works an hour away, and one car seat total… it’s NEVER a good time.  Responsibility won over convenience this time, and I made an appointment to have my brakes checked. While they were at it, I asked, would they please check the car over for other needed maintenance?

The day of maintenance was such a pain. Andy and I met at the auto shop the night before the day of my appointment to drop the car off. We switched the carseat into the Jeep, and the next morning at 6:30 sharp, the three of us were driving together to Graham’s daycare to drop him off.  Then Andy drove me to work, and drove to work himself. Kind of a pain, I’ll say – especially for Andy.

Guess what the auto shop found? The brakes were fine – but the tires were worn all the way down. Awesome. I mean, to the point where I wouldn’t pass state inspection. Well, now, I can’t very well pack my precious boys into a car and drive them across the country – twice – with bald tires, can I?

Andy called around to all the tire places and came to find that my car, OF COURSE, has odd-sized tires (and two different sizes – one for the front and one for the back – to boot). GoodYear came to the rescue because they had a local warehouse in DFW and could get these crazy tires to a shop in short order. Phew.

That evening’s commute home was a comedy of errs. I won’t go into it all, but we passed two GoodYear stores before arriving at the one we’d actually ordered tires from, which was pretty far from home. After all was said and done, Graham had spent an hour in the car, me – an hour and a half, and Andy –  two and a half hours. We arrived home tired and cranky. Andy was our chauffeur for a second day, and now, I’m happy to report, the car is road ready for our trek across the Midwest!



  1. Meanwhile, at your destination vacation spot, G and G went shopping for a wader pool, pool toys, rubber ball, 1 % milk and food for the weekend. We got several knowing looks from couples our age, and one comment “someone’s coming to visit”. To which we giggled and said, “actually, the whole crew of someones”!

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