Illin’ Like a Villain

I think this story starts back in January when Reid got a stomach bug, and Graham and I opted not to travel to Illinois to see baby Grace. I’m not 100% sure, but close enough. Reid’s really been a virus hog this winter. Just greedily building immunity to every strain of virus he can find.

For those of you other daycare parents out there, we’re in the phase of constantly wiping noses, never sure if this particular cold is the same cold he’s had for awhile or a new cold. It’s great. (Sidenote: Graham did this starting at four months and was this way until 15-18 months. We really got a late start with Reid.)

Anyway, shortly after that missed trip, I visited Jodi and Ben in DC and came home with a cold. Then Reid spiked a fever on a visit to Illinois, and Graham caught that bug a couple days later. After that Andy came down with something flu-like that has hung on and on and on. Body aches, headaches, mild fever. Reid inexplicably barfed in the car on our way to Atlanta. And finally today, Graham woke up with a sore throat and headache, eventually spiked a fever which then broke, and he’s just a normal kid running around with a headcold.

I. Seriously. I’m done. Done worrying about everyone. Ready for it to warm up so we’re not all breathing recirculated air. Ready to quit nursing in my off hours. :)

Ahh. It’s not so bad I guess. The snuggles alone are worth it. I’d just rather everyone felt better while doing it!

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