Slowly but surely working up to our “first week of daycare” post,  but before that – what’s been going on around our house this past month or so.

Mostly with Reid’s development. Because with a new baby and a 3-year-old there’s really only time to watch the kids! Ack. So much kid-watching!

A cute development… Reid started honest-to-goodness sticking his tongue outwhen he wants to play. And play he DOES. His favorite game is pat-a-cake – mainly the part where you “paaaaat it” because he likes bouncing his little fists on his knees. Huge wide-open smiles when you do this.

Also – an adorable note – you know the part of the song where you “Mark it with a ‘B'”? We used to “Mark it with a ‘G'” for Graham, but Reid has been back to a “B” because, well, “R”s are awkward as it turns out. Well Mr. Graham… he made the coolest little compromise. His version?

“… and mark it with a “G”. Put it in the oven for GRAHAM and REID!”

He is just so cool, you guys. :)

Another little game Reid loves is ‘standing’ on your lap, pushing off with his legs and then FLYING into the air. Basically it gives him the feeling that he’s actually jumping up and down off your lap. He looooves it.

A pic of him playing that game with Daddy.

Reid’s been playing(-ish) with toys. Mostly, he’s pretty stoked if you put him in the bouncy with a blanket or burp cloth because he can now work on grabbing ahold of it and getting the whole thing scooted up to his mouth. His favorite thing to chew on is this gator lovey, which we have named “Later Gator”…

… or a plain old cloth diaper/burp cloth. We try and give him the gator frequently because it’s just cuter, frankly.

Reid now sits in the Bumbo and L-O-V-E-S  the view (clearly).

He’s quite the smiler that one, if you haven’t caught on already.

He’s been coming to church and doing great there too…

Mostly he falls asleep in the car seat and stays that way until right before the entire sanctuary gets really quiet to pray. Then he wakes up. :)

And I don’t want to neglect Big Bro either. Graham went to his 3-year-old well visit and is doing just amazing. All milestones are being hit. He weighed 33.5 lbs and was 38.5 inches tall. That’s spot on mark for a 3-year-old boy. About 60%ile for weight and 75%ile for height.

Justin Bieber sticker, noted.

We’ve been having fun participating in school activities as Graham gets older and more into the actual “preschool” (less “daycare”) side of things. Here, we went to a book party the school threw on a Saturday morning. The teachers dressed up like story characters. There were book readings, the Cat in the Hat’s sister came and performed magic tricks (I know, what? haha). Graham ate bagels, drank juice, made a book cover (seen decorating it below) and a mask, and then somehow conned me into paying $5 for a stuffed cat we didn’t need.

That’s essentially what we’ve been up to with the remainder of my beautiful maternity leave. I always feel so conflicted toward the end. I, in so many ways, would love to have my cake and eat it too.

But more on that when I write the actual post. 😉

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