Jam Packed

I just finished taking all the pictures from our trip to Illinois and put them on the computer. Sadly, that’s all I have energy for tonight.

We left last Thursday and drove all day to arrive that night. Stayed Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Left Illinois to drive back to Texas Monday. Arrived 9:30 that night. The drive ended up being a solid 15 hours in the car each way. Too much for two boys in one day, we decided (even though they did incredibly well!) More on that another time.

We went to work first thing Tuesday morning with a huge car hangover. The remaining days of the week sped by, because Tuesday felt like Monday. Wednesday felt like Tuesday and so on. Thursday, Andy hopped a plane after work and headed for Las Vegas. His buds congregate every time one of them decides to get married. I’d blame the movie “The Hangover” but they’ve been doing this since about 2004.

Anyway, Andy took off for a weekend o’ fun, so I’ve been wrangling the boys on my own after work and now through the weekend. Lots to tell about all of this, but right now? I’m too tired.

Gratuitous baby picture!

Shameless attempt to distract you from the fact that this post is essentially pointless. I will catch this blog up throughout the week. But right now I’m a single mom. And I’m exhausted.

To the couch!


  1. I enjoy all of your posts even if they seem pointless to you.

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