Just a Hankerin’ for Potatoes

This morning when I went to rouse Graham for the day, I walked into his room and found him already standing in the frontmost corner of his crib – his typical waiting spot for me. All the usual suspects were there: the rumpled blonde hair, creamy skin – pale from sleep, blue eyes – squinting from the light in the hall. But today he had a finger pointed in the direction of his side table.

“What, buddy?”
“A-oh!” he replied, finger pointing more… pointily with eyes locked on… something.

I walked to his lamp and said, “Light on?” I flicked the lamp on and heard, “NOOOoOOOOoOOO,” while little feet began to stamp.


Swing and a miss, I flicked the lamp off again and said, “What, buddy? What do you see?”

He continued to point, saying something like “Ate-oh” or “Day-doh” and I threw in the towel quickly – knowing this was going nowhere. His pronunciation struggles in the early morning. “I can’t understand you, buddy. Can you show me?”

I’d said the magic words. Both his arms flung in the air. “Up!” I hefted him out of the crib and set him on the floor. Graham padded straight out of the room.

Now in the game room, Graham marched up to his play kitchen, reached up on top, pulled down a red canvas organizer that I keep up there, looked inside and said, “Oh no… all gone!” The little red box was empty.

But I knew that already, because I’d emptied that box last night. In fact, our game room was strikingly clean given that Andy and I worked into the late evening hours building and installing Ikea toy storage bins and shelves in the game room closet.

“Guess what, Graham? Tato…” [Graham’s word for Mr. Potato Head] “… lives in here now.”

I showed him our closet full of organized wonderfulness – brought to you by Ikea.

"Tato lives here now."

Graham didn’t seem impressed by all the storage, but he was elated when I pulled out one of the bins and showed him his well-accessorized buddy inside. Graham shrieked, “TATO!!!!” and immediately started playing with his prize.

Nevermind that this kid hadn’t touched or looked at Mr. Potato Head in weeks – Lord can only guess why it was his early morning request today!

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