Just in Case You’re Wondering What “2” Looks Like

This is a typical evening at home with Graham, of late. At one point, when Andy and I were staring at each other,  marveling in unspoken words at the noise and perpetual motion, Andy all of the sudden said, “Get the camera.”

Moms of babies, view with caution. In the wise, wise words of Destiny’s Child:

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.


Post script:  The song, I realize now, is “Wheels on the Bus”. He actually said “bus” earlier on the video with perfect pronunciation, but I misheard him saying, “Bath”. When we thought he was saying “Run around,” he was actually singing, “Round and round.” Deciphering toddler is tough in the moment! 

Post post-script: At the end, when it seems like he’s mugging for the camera, he is.  I’d flipped the LCD screen around so he could see it.  Where he appears to freak out and say, “NOooo” is when I’d flipped the LCD screen back around so he couldn’t see it.

Post post post-script: God, I love this kid.


  1. Grandma Vena says:

    Wish I had 1/4 of his energy

  2. You and me BOTH, Vena! I have to keep up with that!!! 😛

  3. Grandma Sue says:

    Looks like a wild and crazy guy!

  4. He’s got the “entertainer” in him! Also, Hugo gets the “dog of the year” award in my book. Trixie and Cubby would have been running around, adding to the general hysteria. Great video – thanks for sharing!

  5. Make no mistake, the whole reason we got out he camera In the first place was to capture Hugo and Graham chasing each other around. I think Hugo was just worn out by the time we got things going.

  6. I’m tired just watching :)

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