Lend Me Your Ears

I have terrible news.

Reid is defective. šŸ˜‰

This really won’t be news to anybody, but Reid is battling THE EAR INFECTION TO END ALL EAR INFECTIONS. Even Graham has learned how to say “ear infection,” for heaven’s sake.

Here’s the timeline of events, as they have transpired.

March 16 – One Month Ago

Reid spiked 102.2 degree fever after having his 3-month portrait taken. A junky cold ensued in the days following. Super phlegmy cough, stuffy nose, the works.

March 24, Easter – Three Weeks Ago

The cold started to recede, but Reid started stopping short of finishing bottles. At first one ounce. Then two on the next bottle. His last bottle of the evening, he left three ounces, then made motions that he wanted more, then after a few pulls backed away again. Repeat that cycle about four times before he started crying from hunger and frustration.

March 25 – One Day Later

Reid and I took the first appointment at the walk-in clinic in his pediatrician’s office. The nurse practitioner told me he was a little young to be worried about ear infections, but then looked in his ears and said he had a really nasty infection going on.

Prescribed 10 days of amoxicillin, 2x a day.

April 3 – Two Weeks Ago

Finished the amoxicillin. Last dose in the evening.

April 4, Reid’s Well Visit at the Doctor – One Day Later

Dr. G looked in his ears, asked when we finished the amoxicillin. He then said it looked as if we hadn’t even started medicine. Ears still looked super bad.

Prescribed 10 days of Suprax, 1x a day. Dr. G asked us to come back in 2 weeks for a recheck.

April 13 – 3 Days Ago

Finished the Suprax.

That night, he awoke several times, fussing.

April 14 – 2 Days Ago

Reid started screeching and screaming when we tried laying him down in the crib at bedtime. He commenced relentless crying and screaming for an hour straight before we were able to calm him down. Every time we laid him in the crib, he awoke screaming.

He spent the night in the swing and still awoke over 4 times.

April 15 – Yesterday

Took Reid to the doctor again. Dr. G took one look in them and said, “Well… his ears look like crap.” He said the right ear looked awful and the left ear… well, the left ear he couldn’t even see because there was so much junk in the canal. He mentioned that we should try and keep him inclined and watch him for ruptured eardrums.

Then he said we’d do shots. The shot is apparently a super duper strong antibiotic. It’s a huge shot – requires two syringes – on for each leg. They need to plunge the needle deep into the tissue, then it takes a solid four-count to inject all the fluid in.

Repeat on the other side.

Ugh. Awful. AWFUL. So much worse than vaccines. I have no appropriate words. All I can say is it was the worst I have witnessed of anything with either of the two boys.

Goody for us – we had another round to look forward to the next day! :(

April 16 – Today

After another night in the swing – and sleepless at that – I had butterflies leading up to the ear check. Dr. G took another look in his ears, put his scope away, looked at me and said, “Well… I can’t say they look much better.” After some thought, “… we’re going to have to have him back tomorrow for another round of shots.” :(


I didn’t know three rounds of these shots were even a possibility. Dr. G says the cure rate with these shots is “only” 85-90% with two rounds. It’s 100% with three rounds. So, we go back tomorrow to see how this all is working.

I’m actually hopeful. Reid is upstairs laying in his crib as we speak. Yippee!! I’m hopeful for a better night’s sleep tonight. :::fingers crossed:::

So yeah, this is the ear infection to beat all. We may miss tubes this time, but Dr. G says if Reid gets another infection within a month he’ll definitely be getting tubes. If it’s another 3 to 4 months before he gets his next infection, it may be a different story.

To be frank with you, I’m not holding my breath.

Now, we just need to keep him healthy. Ha! Think healing thoughts for Reid!!


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