Let it Go, On-the-Go

Graham has a LeapReader and thoroughly enjoys it. I think he’s a little young for the “read on your own” features, because he seems a little overwhelmed by sitting down with a book. But – something I didn’t realize when we bought it put it on Graham’s wishlist* – it also plays audiobooks and music. Basically, it’s a little like a mini mp3 player.


He totes this thing on car trips and to “the boring places” like haircuts and oil changes. He plugs in his headphones and plays his own little set of tunes.

Funny thing is – there is only one audiobook and a couple songs on there: the demo versions that the LeapFrog company preloaded on the device. Today, I changed all that. Graham is now the proud owner of the Frozen soundtrack.

His reaction was priceless. In fact, he wanted me to shoot some video so he could tell us about it.

(I didn’t edit the clip, it lags a little at the end, but I thought the “I just sing it…” was hilarious.)

Other than 24/7 access to Frozen songs, we’ve had a pretty slow week around here. We made some cookies this weekend. Reid’s teacher in the infant room resigned to be a nanny, and has now become our a-mazing babysitter, so we made for the hills (figuratively speaking) and went on a date night last night.

Other random updates:

– I have now run 6.5 miles two additional weekends and have suffered no ill effects from the distance like I did that first time. The actual 10K race is next weekend, and I’m feeling equal parts confident and ready for it to be over. Graham is also entered into the race for the 1/4-mile kiddie sprint. Should be fun.

– We lost the caterpillar I wrote about last entry. I replaced it with a big fat woolly worm (pictured below) and we mysteriously LOST THAT ONE TOO. I am going on the record to say that I’m not OK with the number of larval insects on the loose in my house. Probably they are both inside Hugo’s tummy, if we’re being honest. No more caterpillars will be coming indoors this season.

That’s about it from here. Hope you had great weekends wherever they may have led you!

*Brainfart! We didn’t actually buy this for Graham! I thought really hard about it and researched it thoroughly but the people who made it happen? His Grandpa Craig and Grandma Sue. :) talk about a gift with longevity!


  1. The video is hilarious. Can we also talk about how Reid is in the background, climbing the table and grabbing his socks from the dustpan, only to put them on his hands? Hilarious!!!

    Charlie really enjoyed Graham’s rendition, too!

  2. Graham is adorable, and Reid is completely stealing the scene!

  3. Ha, yes! I totally forgot to call attention to that. We have to stay on our toes…. Reid totally takes advantage of the fact that Graham often demands 100% of our attention. Also, Reid was the one who took his socks off, got the dustpan out and swept them up! 😉

  4. Very cute! I was laughing so hard watching Reid in the background and wondering why his socks were in a dustpan on the coffee table!

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