Let’s Talk about the Last Two Days, Shall We?

I’m sitting here in a hotel room in Toronto, hoping that the follies of the last 48 hours haven’t followed me across the Canada border.  Because, YIKES okay?  Let’s review.

Monday morning was crazed.  Graham was up early, so we had a bit of a… time… getting out of the house.  It was raining, Graham was yelling about being in the car, the car complained unusually loudly about having to start, I had to get the trash cans out to the curb and the Netflix DVD in the mail.  Death by miniscule tasks, is what it was.

Fine.  As ALWAYS everything calmed down when we were on the road to work/school.  I got Graham situated in class at daycare, and he cried because I’d gotten there after the cutoff for a transition snack (long story).  About 10 minutes later, I finally got to my desk.  And then I realized I’d forgotten my tall mug of coffee back in the car.

These are called ‘first world problems,’ by the way.  When you live such an unebelievably priviledged life that you find a way to complain when the conveniences aren’t working out for you.  😛

My workday picked up after I replaced my coffee, I’m happy to report.  Later that afternoon, I got a shock when I was asked to go sit in on a meeting with our Chief Marketing Officer, along with my senior VP and his second-in-command.  Talk about stressful for a last-minute request, but I think I got out of there without sounding too stupid!

Finally, it was the end of the day.  Andy’s folks were almost to our house – ready to spend the week taking care of Graham while I’m traveling – and I had collected my boy from his class and had gotten him strapped in the hot car with a small snack of Goldfish.  What an awful time to find out that the car wouldn’t start.  All I got out of it was that sickening “click-click-click-click” of a dead battery.  No kidding.

So, I unstrapped Graham from the car, and toted him alllll the way back down a long corridor to the daycare, where they phoned for security.  We walked alllll the way back down to the car and sweated while security took their sweet time getting to the car.  I sound a little miffed because – not only did they take a long time to get to the car – they also made it very clear that they were being nice by giving me a jump since I didn’t work for that particular corporate headquarters.  I was angry.

To add insult to injury: their little battery pack didn’t have enough juice to get my car going.  So back Graham and I went, allll the way down the corridor to the daycare to call Andy and pass the 30 minutes it takes for him to get to school.

The car got started, we got home, ordered takeout for dinner, got Graham to bed and wouldn’t you know it?  Not an hour later, after Andy tried to sync my phone to the computer to put the new Chili Peppers album on it, my phone somehow got completely bamboozled, wouldn’t start up, and had to get reset back to the factory settings.

AND our Mac, being awesome as it is, was never able to recognize my stinking phone, so I couldn’t restore it back to all my custom presets.  I’m in Canada with a phone that works.  It has four apps and no phone numbers, photos or music stored in it.  Sigh.

Today was less eventful.  I got 20 minutes down the road en route to the airport before I realized that I’d forgotten my laptop charger.  I had to go back for it, there was no choice in the matter.  Then my flight was 45 minutes delayed and I had to wait in the longest customs line ever.

BUT, today is better by miles – no doubt about it.  Plus, I got to Skype with my little guy before he headed off to bed.  Nothing like seeing your son’s face light up and hearing him yell, “MOMMY!” when he sees you on the computer screen.  I swear I could go for months on that.  :)

Sorry about the length of this post.  I HAD to get all that out!  Bless you for listening.


  1. Grandma used to say bad things happen in threes…clearly you’ve passed that and must be on the upswing. Enjoy the break from the day to day and time to learn something new. Margaritas and sunshine await you this weekend!

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