Loading it Up

You can tell that we’re serious about our life transition now – all our pictures are on the big camera! Or, as I like to call it: being held hostage. The only picture I have on my phone from the last 24 hours is this one.


This is Winnie the Pooh (née Reid William) trick-or-treating last night, being very very adorable.

But let’s not jump the gun. Yesterday was a circus, guys. Lets start on Tuesday night (yep, Tuesday) when I neglected to tell you that Andy realized, after dropping off Hugo, that he’d popped a car tire. Two big nails punctured it, making a hole too big to patch. Funny thing was (not funny “haha” though) that MY car was already in the shop for the ruckus IT was making on the road. Staring down the barrel of a cross-country drive with two children will make you lend a discerning ear to these types of things.

ANYWAY, two serpentine belts and a pair of brakes later and it was Andy’s turn to get the car fixed. Took us a couple of days to figure out how to accomplish the logistics of it, but we finally got Andy’s tire replaced early this morning. Cars = responsible road vehicles. Check.

So, yesterday. (Funny that I started out saying that yesterday was crazy and then went on to talk about our cars – which actually had nothing to do with yesterday? That’s sort of the ninja-like mental acuity that I’m operating with right now.) Yesterday was Day 2 of packing the house. John and Joe finished the upstairs packing and loaded our entire second floor onto the truck. Boom. They also continued to make major headway on the downstairs packing. But they had company to work around…

You see, our buyers decided to get the house inspection done yesterday amidst the packing hullaballoo. So we had an inspector and the husband of our buyer duo mulling around the house. Our realtor was also there to help represent us since its generally pretty awkward to have the seller and buyer in one place.

This made for a full house as is, but guess what? The house appraiser came at the same time
to make the final appraisal on the house. We still have to reexecute a minor modification on the contract after the inspection (turns out we’d blown out the LCD panel on our sprinkler system), but for the most part, the house-selling show is over and we can ride it our until closing in two weeks. Woohoo!

Next topic: Did I ever tell you that Andy and I are asthmatics? We both have a stress-induced form. Read “stress” as “physical stress”, so things like illness, exercise, allergens, etc can set us off. An upper respiratory cold usually gives me an attack or two. Andy hasn’t had issues in years. Until yesterday.

Apparently packing dust is a crazy mutant dust that set both our lungs a-burnin’. Thing is, we both didn’t really realize what was causing our issues and we thought we were coming down with some sort of flu. Andy had it worse since he’d been in the house non-stop all day. Thankfully a night in the hotel made us feel 1000 times better.

Speaking of weird health things: guess who woke up with a raging case of pink eye in both eyes this morning? THIS GIRL. Thankfully, every medicine we own is in our hotel room right now, so I already had the drops on me! (Still, seriously?!)

Back to yesterday: The boys’ last day of school went great. We got an enormous (poster board folded in half) going away card from Reid’s entire class. I picked Graham up from his class, and he was dressed in his Tigger costume. 😉 One of his preschool teachers is actually from Wisconsin, so we’re going to see her in a couple of months when her family stops through Madison on their way to see her parents up in the northern part of the state. Small world!

Saying “good-bye” to his amazing Preschool 1 teacher, who brought us through a very uncertain time with Graham, was difficult to say the least. She gave Graham her address and phone number and asked him to write her. She also told him to call her – if he’s having a really good day or if he’s having a bad day. Then she looked at me and told me that when we’re looking for schools for him, “meet the teachers. I can’t stress that enough. You know what he needs.”

Yes, ma’am – thanks wholeheartedly to you… we most certainly do! What a treasure.

That night – trick-or-treating with a big group at the Pratts was a blast. That night, I had two boys who were so excited they couldn’t sleep! Between the house being packed, Halloween fun and sleeping in a hotel it was a miracle any of us slept at all!

That brings me to now. Andy is at the house, and the guys are finishing loading the truck. The boys are in a veritable coma-of-a-naptime, making up for last night, and me? I’m sitting in the dark enjoying the quiet. :)

I’ll try and grab pics before the truck pulls away today. Tomorrow, we load the car, pick up Hugo, and leave Texas for good!

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