Lotsa Catch-up

Wow – it’s been awhile since I’ve posted an update! Almost two weeks now, right?

Lots has been going on, so I’ll try and give the best update I can without this getting crazy long.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Cinco de Mayo

I have no actual pictures of the party, of course, but for Cinco de Mayo, we celebrated our friends’ daughter’s first birthday. The party was so much fun. Charlie was there, so Graham had someone to pal around with. The big topic of the day was bubbles, where Graham insisted on dipping and blowing his own bubbles. It was a mess, but we were outside, so no biggie. The party was over his naptime, so on the way home we got an unprecedented nap in the car!

Hugo Gets Old

I took Hugo for his annual check-up and mentioned some minor limping when the dog gets up from a particularly long nap. The vet checked him out and noticed his hips had decreased range of motion and were generally stiffer. We were prescribed glucosamine supplements to help get things a bit more lubricated.

Hugo is 5, so – uh – welcome to middle age little buddy!

Mother’s Day

I was telling Andy that Mother’s Day is like my new birthday. It’s so nice to have a day where I don’t constantly put my own needs and desires on hold. Friday, Graham’s school handed out individually wrapped muffins and water with those little Crystal Light packets hung very adorably around the neck. Plus we all got t-shirts! Saturday, I got a pedicure while the boys went Mother’s Day shopping and Mom and Dad sent flowers/ Sunday, my boys made me pancakes and bacon (two batches of pancakes, actually: one without baking powder and one with), and we opened presents and cards. Very awesome.

Tony, Erin & Carsten visit

Later on Sunday (still Mother’s Day), Tony and Erin drove into town with Carsten after having spent the weekend in Georgetown for a cousin’s graduation from Texas A&M. They stayed all day Monday and left early on Tuesday morning. We tried planning something really Dallas-awesome for their visit, but the realities of toddler feed/sleep schedules hit home and we ended up spending most of the day at the house.

Regardless, it was great to see them. Graham loves his cousin Carsten so much. Anytime we’d caravan anywhere, Carsten would ride in his car and Graham in ours, and shortly upon departing, Graham would say, “Carsen? Carsen?? Carsen no bye-bye Mommy!” And every day, Graham picked out stuffed animals for Carsten to sleep with in the pack-n-play down the hall so he wouldn’t be lonely.  Of course, in the mornings and after naps, Graham would have to go get the stuffed animals and put them away in the closet… because he’s insane about everything having a place. Still, it’s the thought that counts!

These were our lame attempts at documenting the visit. Camera phone-style. Someone remind me – do we HAVE a nice camera? You sure wouldn’t think so, would you?

This & That

In addition to the bigger events, we’ve been just kind chugging along with life.  We had the security company come install a new keypad in our bedroom and a monitor for glass breaking. Our neighborhood watch policeman told me in no uncertain terms that if our back doors didn’t have the glass-break alarm, we were incredibly unprotected. You can basically fit everything we own out those back doors if the glass is broken out, and we have a nice 6-foot privacy fence – as any good Texan would :::eyeroll:: – in the back to shield all neighbor’s eyes from the monkey business.

Flea was not a fan of all the test alarms that were required for these installations.

We also had the security guy put the chime feature on our door. You know, because Graham can now work doorknobs and we have two 2-story balconies. Just. In. Case.

And on Graham… he is so two. We fight on a fairly regular basis, he and I. But then he turns around and gives me big bear hugs where his little hands lightly tap my back in affection.

“Graham do it!!!” is by FAR the most uttered phrase in our house. He wants to pour his own cereal, undress himself, walk down the stairs (can now do this without holding onto the banister or walls), cut his own fruit, open and close his own doors, cover himself with a blanket, put on his sunglasses, fill his own water glass, crawl into his booster chair at the kitchen table… basically, YOU NAME IT. It is both endearing and a practice in patience.

Here’s a recent video clip of him. We’d pulled up to the house after a day at school. He’d been singing his ABC’s, and he does them so well now, I wanted evidence of the progress.  Instead of opening the garage doors, I parked out on the driveway, because I wanted to film without Graham’s superhero [Andy] coming out the door and capturing Graham’s attention.

So much for that.. :)


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Awesome post!  Such a combination of both of you.

  2. NEEDED THIS UPDATE!!! Glad to know all is well. Will call this weekend!

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