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This just in:

~*~*~Husband Wins Valentine’s Day~*~*~

 A local DFW man, currently on a business trip in Houston, shocked his wife this morning by sending her a text that read:

“Tell [Graham] to show you what he has for you in the top right drawer of the guest room dresser.”

Perplexed, but excited, the woman jogged up the stairs and found two red envelopes and a small jewelry box awaiting her at the aforementioned spot. Upon opening, the woman realized that – not only had her husband earned major brownie points for having arranged this remote surprise – he had redoubled the impact by managing to find her the necklace that she had pinned on Pinterest some months ago.

According to sources, the necklace in question is a product offering from a jewelry designer on Etsy, one of the woman’s most favorite websites.


  1. So pretty, and so very “you”!

  2. Super cute! Way to go Andy!! I think that tops the Snickers I left in the freezer with an I love you note for Ben. :) Verdict is still out on my gift, he said it’s being “made” I have no.clue! Tbd…

  3. Keep me posted!! :)

  4. Definite deposits in the “love bank.” I’m so proud of my son for being creative and showing his love for you!

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