Making me Smile Today

Hi, people. I’m writing you from my couch at the end of a great day. A great couple of days, as a matter of fact.

My last entry, I’m happy to report, was the worst Graham’s behavior was all week. Granted, he hasn’t been amazingly awesome all week, but it got marginally better.

The thing that REALLY pulled our week up a couple of notches was our furniture delivery! Our new dining room buffet and kitchen table arrived this Friday morning, and they look AWESOME. I snagged this quick picture of Graham coloring at the table. It looks HUGE in some ways, but it fits in the room just perfectly.


Haven’t caught a picture of the buffet yet, but it looks great too. The dining room is in need of a wall color now though. (Buying furniture is such a “Give a Mouse a Cookie” deal.)

And, beyond furniture – even though that’s great and fun and exciting – we woke up to this face this morning.


I’m not sure where our son has been all week, but he is BACK today. He slept in until 7:40 a.m., he was all smiles all day, and he played like there was no tomorrow. We made up games and ran around in the front yard. We went grocery shopping in the morning, he had a good nap and ate well at all his meals. It was a great day.

I hope you all are having good weekends too!

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