Melon Dash 5K

I meant to get this up sooner after the race, but – uh – we’ve had our hands full with a sickie this week.

Andy ran his first 5K last Saturday! :::throws confetti::: The race was in old downtown McKinney. In August.  Weather was sunny and 90ish degrees.

As much as I wanted to go ahead and hand him a well-deserved handicap for the heat, Andy was quick to remind me that he’s been running after work most days, when it’s still 100 sometimes. He is a better person than I.  Even NOT pregnant, I wimp out in hot weather.

Anyhoo, Andy was spurred into this particular 5K by a group of friends at church who sent out a note mentioning that a few of them were running it. We met up with said folks on race day.

Before the race. With Stacy, Alex, Sheldon, Charlene and Andy

We had a few others there too that we couldn’t find pre-race.

Graham and I came, too, to cheer on our hero. :)

"What the heck are we doing here, Mom?"

Waiting for the race to start so he can have his oatmeal

View from the starting line

We also had a drum line there at the starting line that Graham and I both loved listening too. Our pastor’s son leads it (center, neon Wayfarers), so they played Old MacDonald for Graham. :)

Then, the race! Graham and I hung out by the finish line, eating our oatmeal that we’d picked up at McD’s on the way. I tracked Andy’s iPhone, which he had with him, the duration of the race, and I  had the race course map on Safari so I could make sure and predict when to be ready to cheer. We’re so modern. :)

"YAY, DADDY!!!!"

Andy was awesome. He finished in 26’52” – rock star for a first 5K, I think.  We were both so proud of him, but Graham was so excited to see him cross the finish line. Truth be told, he was a little put out that Andy ignored his requests from the starting line to tag along for the race. When Andy passed us, crossing the finish line, Graham grinned up at me and said, “There he goes, RACING!”

Post race, downtown

Congrats, Andy!


  1. Yea Andy! So proud and awe struck by anyone that can run more than a mile :) 

  2. Whoo Hoo Andy!!! Great job! 

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