Mommy and G

Man, I never dreamed how challenging a toddler could be. My heart was prepared for screaming tantrums, daredevil mischief, and ungodly messes. It was *not* prepared for the eventuality that my own son would be genuinely sad to see me, wishing I were his Daddy. I wasn’t prepared for the kid I carried and stayed up nights with to seek me out and hit me repeatedly when he becomes angry.

Suffice it to say, I never thought I’d buy the books. But guys, when nothing that you’re doing to change the offending behavior works, you quickly realize that you have no other resources. Well okay, you can ask other parents, but that means tons of answers. Or you could seek out a psychologist… but that’s overkill.

We’re working on it. The hitting thing, anyway. Can’t do much about the parent preference deal. (Even though I selfishly wish I fell on the other side of it!) And we’ll get there, I know. There are even times when we have these awesome good days where I look at Graham and smile and he wiggles and smiles back [instead of swatting in my direction and saying “NO, Mommy!!”]

Last night was one of those nights. Andy played poker at “Umple Brian’s”, and G and I had the house to ourselves. We had pizza and laughed about mushrooms (you had to be there.) We took a walk down the street and picked dandelions. We read books and sang songs and then the smallest one went to bed without tears.

And it’s those nights that fill me up and keep me going for another day. 2 is hard sometimes.



  1. Never doubt that your little guy loves you and needs you, and he knows it, too. He would much prefer to be independent, of course and make all the choices. Not possible now and not possible when he’s a teen. There are many delightful and calmer days ahead! Hang in there, you and Andy are doing great!

  2. Do the best you can, and just love him.  He will see it.  I think there are always dynamics with the same sex parent that you cannot change.  By the same token, there are certain dynamics with the opposite sex parent that the other will not be able to enjoy or understand.  Correct obvious misbehavior, but try to avoid being overbearing.  Your son WILL go through “mommy” phases which will be delightful.  Hang on, they are coming, sooner than you think.  Love, Dad 

  3. You guys are awesome – thanks! :) It really means a lot to hear.  For awhile my own brain could reinforce this for me, but the more it happens, the more I get worn down.  But, like I said, when we have good days they are GREAT days!!

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