My Funny Valentine

Valentine’s Day caught me completely unaware this year, but I got an instant awakening when the notice for a Valentine’s party went up at Graham’s new school. “… and we will be exchanging valentines.”

Valentines. Whoa, Graham’s ready for… valentines? What? Crazy!

Off to Target I went, and let me tell you: Valentine’s Day is intense! Not only is there an aisle of the cheap cards (refreshingly, still only $2 a box)…


… but there is also a half ton of swag to include with your valentines.


Candy for the big kids.


Tattoos and toys for the rest. (Tattoos are hugely popular with the under 3-foot set.)

We snagged some Dr. Seuss (couldn’t find Yo Gabba Gabba like I’d hoped), got a class list printed up, addressed valentines and, before we knew it – party day!


There’s Graham enjoying a cupcake with his buddy, Reid.


He’s quite the connoisseur.

Then we made Valentine’s circular somethings… heart wreaths? Graham showed me how he can paint glue onto a paper plate all by himself. I was pretty impressed!


Lastly we iced heart cookies… then scraped all the icing off and ate it.



Happy [early] Valentine’s Day, Buddy!


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Another deja vu moment looking at the pictures of Graham eating his cupcake. Andy was like that too with some food…almost sensual, enjoying each bite. Very cute post!

  2. Grandma Vena says:

    the last picture of cookie & Graham reminds me how Andy used to look. Handsome little boy

  3. I’m a little behind in stalking your family through this website, so forgive me for chiming in late, but when I was scrolling down and saw that last picture of Graham, I totally thought it was Andy for minute! That is almost exactly what I picture him looking like nearly 30 years ago!

    Reading up at the other comments, looks like Nana thought the same!

    Happy belated Valentine’s Day!

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