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We’ve had some fence posts rotting in the back. One in particular has been so close to buckling, Andy had braced it with 2×4’s.

The time came today to finally replace that post. It was no easy task for the husband-figure. That post was rotted, so much so that it snapped at ground-level when Andy removed the fence panels, but the stump was stuck in a foot of cement that had to be dug out of the ground.

He’s pretty much my hero.

There was a time that Andy needed an extra set of hands, so Graham and I got to go outside for a little sunshine and assistance.

First, though, I had to change out of church clothes. This gave Graham just enough time to get into a little toddler trouble. After a wardrobe change, I walked into our bathroom to find Hugo, lounging on his side, wagging his tail, and Graham, smearing Hugo’s coat with shaving cream.
By the time I got my phone to snap a picture, Graham had gotten a lot of the shaving cream rubbed in.


But you get the gist. I think Hugo just liked the attention!


Zero remorse!

Outside, after I’d given the dog a quick wipedown, Graham set out to help his daddy get that fence post installed. He was the official dirt-packer-inner.




Graham was so enamored with the work his Daddy was doing, you guys. I can’t believe how big he’s getting. :)


  1. Again, so intent! No ADHD there! and Hugo got the benefit of deep conditioning. A great day all around! Sending our love from Hilton Head!

  2. Mom Paulson reads to me from your website daily. Usually at dinner time, but it could be in the office, in the car as were travelling, anytime we are together. It was quite a project Andy undertook with the fence. Looked downright professional. Great job, Andy! And, your son (our grandson) Graham, what a dynamo. He is, as they say, “all boy”. Remember Tony (and Tony just admitted this in a sermon recently) when he and Michael “spurt” the cherry tomatoes on the couch. Tony said, it was just to see the explosion the tomatoes. But the stories about the shaving cream, the “sex” for “text”, potty training, and the OMG are priceless. Great writing and wonderful reading. Love you, Sweetheart!
    Love, Dad

  3. Ditto to the Paulson comments. Graham red face reminds me of another blonde little boy that grew up in my house!

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