New School and First Slumber Party

Wow. Talk about lots to post about! And I have had zippo-zero energy to do it. Thus, it is 6:30 in the morning, and I’m slipping one in before Graham wakes for the day.

First, school.

Graham’s last week at his old place was the last week I posted (a.k.a. two weeks ago). The goodbye was super hard. I’m not in a habit of crying in front of other people, but when I went and dropped off our ‘Thank You’ gifts on Friday afternoon during nap time, I was crying so hard I was making the ugly crying face.


Yep, I loved his old place, but mostly for his teachers. I had to keep reminding myself that things wouldn’t stay the same had we remained there. So, we said our good-byes and started a new place last week.

The new place is really good. They’re so sweet there. The transition week went well, but drop-offs were [predictably] tough. Also, Graham pretty much refused to eat the main courses during meals, sticking to the tried and true fruit and vegetables that he recognized. Teachers’ reports said he did great during the day, but he was pretty cranky for us when he’d get home. That’s a lot for a little guy to handle, so I guess he had to let out the stress somewhere!

Oh, and one notable thing coming out of this change? Graham’s words have absolutely exploded. It’s almost like he needed to see other kids talking to give a little credibility to our whole “use your words” spiel. Yes, dude. Communication will get you literally everywhere. So Graham now stops, thinks, and tries to find the word he’s looking for. Short sentences have really started to come too.

As for this slumber party business…

Brian and Michelle needed a break from the grind, so we took Charlie for an overnight to give them a little staycation. It was awesome. Exhausting… but awesome.

Those boys are just buds. There’s no other word for it. I’ve seen Graham around friends his age, and he acts completely differently when Charlie’s around. It’s like the two have a mental connection. It seems that before Graham cooks up the next round of monkey-business, he already knows Charlie’s going to be on board. And Charlie IS… always on board with the mischief-making my son initiates.

All said, Charlie was a dream guest. He was clearly on his best behavior for us – almost like he didn’t know what the rules were at our house, so he played it safe. Anytime Graham would run up with a look on his face, Charlie would look at Andy or I to see if we were going to actually let this happen before a big smile would spread across his face and he’d chase off after G.

Charlie was recovering from an ear infection, so he had to take a couple medicines for us. We were told in no uncertain terms that Charlie hated his medicine. Having Graham around, I decided to see if I could pull the old “all the big kids are doing it” trick, so I had Graham and Charlie run to the bathroom for “Medicine Time!!!!!!” Graham LOVES his allergy medicine right now, and he LOVES drinking it out of a syringe. Granted, we don’t usually go all “Peewee’s Word of the Day” about it, but I played a hunch. Graham, already hyped up on slumber party mania, squealed with excitement and took off for the bathroom.

I had both boys up on their own big boy stepstools in front of the mirror. Graham was still squealing and bouncing up and down. Charlie had no idea what he was excited about, but he bounced and smiled anyway. I said, “Should Graham go first?!?” Graham mimicked, “Graham FIRST!” so I gave Graham his swig of Zyrtec. Then I looked at Graham and said, “Should we let Charlie take a turn??” And Graham pointed at his cousin and said, “CHARLIE TURN!!!!” and he started clapping his hands.  The look on Charlie’s face was as if he’d just won the damn lottery. The sheer joy at being allowed to take medicine was incredible.

So I gave it a shot.  Antibiotic first, I held the syringe up to Charlie’s mouth and squeezed in the thick white liquid. He drank it down, then puckered his face up and looked at me like, “WHOA, what’s all the excitement about,” but just at that moment, Graham clapped and cheered, “YAY CHARLIE!”  So we all gave Charlie a round of applause.  Charlie’s smile came back, and he joined in on the applause himself. I repeated the whole ordeal for the second med, and that went just like the first time. A little peer pressure goes a long way!

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen the album of pics from this weekend. I’ll try and get them up here, but since I still owe ‘after’ pictures from the furniture, I wouldn’t hold your breath.  For now, here are a few!


  1. I love, love, love this post. I’m so glad they had a good time. Maybe I need to invite G over every night for medicine time? Charlie is completely unimpressed when mommy and daddy get excited for his medicine :)
    I completely understand what you mean about their connection. I love how for the first ten minutes their together, it’s just laughing and screaming and running around like crazy men. Cousins are the absolute best; it makes my heart so happy that they have each other.

  2. Grandma Sue says:

    Glad you are back Debbie! I am so happy the boys love to be together.


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