Ooh, Fancy

Well hello there!

Told ya a little while ago I’d gotten the itch to freshen things up around here. That was nigh a month ago, but I’ve got essentially one free hour to myself a day, and I like to spend some of that catching up with Andy and not staring into a computer screen.

Hope you like the new digs. I, personally, was so sick of the old color scheme after I got this one in gear. Can you believe the last time I redesigned the site (not counting my transition to WordPress) was back in March/April of 2009? Apparently spring cleaning is not exclusive of web space.

You will notice a few things. (Let’s face it, probably more than I list.)

  1. My Daily Catch is cranky. Every so often you’ll get a “Twitter API blah blah blah” error. Normal. Can’t fix it – it’s apparently Twitter’s problem. When I first started the Daily Catch though, it was broken more than it worked, and it has gotten LOADS better over the years, so I’m hoping this will be the same deal.
  2. You can GOOGLE search me now. (Notice the search bar on the right column.) So very cool.
  3. Also on the right-hand bar, I’ve consolidated all the social media things I’m into, if you have further interest in keeping tabs on what we do. (Sidenote, if you haven’t discovered RSS feeds, do it. It’s like having a dynamic magazine on my phone at all times. I’ll post a follow-up on how to do this. It deserves a separate thread. It really isn’t difficult at all, but all the “RSS 101” articles on the Internet make it seem like it’d be easier to learn to knit with your big toes.)
  4. I have a contact page again!!!  So excited. Shoots me a note straight to my inbox.
  5. My photo albums made the leap. (<– probably the thing I’m most excited/surprised about) They’re not perfect, and I’ve got a little work to do with them, but to not have to completely recreate the entire shebang from scratch AGAIN is amazing.

Any questions on it – just shoot me a note on the Contact page or leave a comment here. :)


  1. Very cool site!  I don’t think it’s too big a change that will confuse some of your followers.

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