Out of the Woods

I just realized I hadn’t posted a health update. We’re doing great over here! 100% recovered!

Tonight, we went over to Brian and Michelle’s to catch up. The boys were over the moon thrilled to see each other.

Graham is so smitten with his cousin. When he woke up from his nap and we told him that we were going to see Charlie, he started running around the house saying, “Chawey, Chawey, Chawey!!!” he brought me my boots and said, “Shoe!” I put one on, and he said, “Thank you.” then he ran to the garage door and tried to turn the knob, saying, “Outside? Chawey, Chawey!”

We couldn’t get to Charlie’s house fast enough.

Once there, we played with Charlie’s toys and went on a walk to the park. Afterward, we had dinner and generally caught up. A great way to spend the afternoon. I’ll post some pics and a short (but hilarious) video clip tomorrow. :)


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    I am so happy that Graham and cousin “Chawie” are buddies. It just warms my heart that Graham gets so excited for a visit.

  2. I have an amendment to how Graham pronounces Charlie’s name. It’s actually more like ‘Arlie. So cute. He’s said it on three different occasions this morning already. He really loves his buddy.

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