Peek-a-boo and Crackers Too

Baby Reid’s going toe-to-toe with Ellen Degeneres’ record Oscar retweet with this clip. He’s not going for retweets, though. He’s going for the record number of “how many times are you going to replay this video to make yourself smile”s.

Pardon his talking while his mouth is full. No, he’s not choking on crackers. He’s saying “crackers.”

In fact, he’s telling his dad that – although his face is stuffed full of graham crackers – he does not see any crackers in front of him and, thus, would like some more crackers please. Except, he calls them “cruh-chrshsshhhh”. Close enough.

Go ahead, replay that video again. Don’t be shy. You know you kinda want to. 😉


  1. Michelle says:

    OMG: I love that baby!!!!

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