Potty Training Tools

I know I was curious about what I would need to have in the house before we started this whole potty training ordeal.

Turns out? Not much.

BUT, there are literally hundreds of products out there that feed into a potty-training parent’s fear of the unknown. Kind of overwhelming. Here’s where we landed.

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

We used the BabyBjorn potty chair at home to begin with. Highly recommended for starters. Easy to empty and rinse. We *really* dislike using it now, though, because Graham has become accustomed to holding his bladder for an hour or two. So when he goes he GOES, and we’re dealing with major splashing out and mess every time he uses it. Like I said, great for the beginning though. It made him super comfortable which the big potty did N-O-T.

Mayfair Built-In Potty Toilet Seat

For the toilet in Graham’s bathroom (and the only toilet upstairs), we have one of these. Love it. Great for little tushies, but no splashguard so beware. This looks like a regular toilet seat. Adults can use it (the lid has a magnet that holds up the kid-sized seat) and if kiddo needs to go, you simply flip the smaller seat down. Soft close hinges too.

Our favorite potty book

I was super doubtful about how helpful a book would be in the potty-training process, but I’m convinced this helped. This book specifically. It came recommended to me. It’s a book about a boy named Michael and is specific for boys. There’s one for girls too. Graham LOVED reading about Michael. Laugh at me if you will, but he identified with the boy in the book. I highly recommend if you’re out of other ideas. Graham had some apprehension about the whole potty thing, and I think this helped a lot.

A simple simon stepstool

Doesn’t get much more straightforward than this. Graham needed a stepstool both for handwashing and for standing up to potty. We went as basic as could be for this little guy, but it’s still an integral part of our lineup.


As for the miscellaneous other things…

For rewards, we use M&M’s. Just plain ‘ol M&M’s. :) If he ever decides to put poop in the potty, we’ve got some Kit Kats to bust out.

For standing up encouragement, Cheerios helped a ton. And by that I mean – throw a Cheerio in the bowl and tell the kid to pee on it. Graham doesn’t even really try and aim for them, but it helps him to concentrate on something in the bowl. If we’re short on Cheerios (say, out in public) a square of toilet paper works fine too!

When we’re out in public – since we’re not dealing with poop quite yet – Graham just stands on our feet and stands up to pee. Pretty simple, actually. If we ever get to pooping in the potty, I’ll update with our out-in-public solution.


Of course – all this works for *our* kid. Everybody is different. I just know that I enjoyed reading other people’s experiences so I had a few things in my back pocket to try with Graham.

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