Puke and Rally

This is a vulgar title, sorry. But Andy and I have been saying this phrase to each other over the past couple of days.

For those who may not know what a Puke-and-Rally is (although you can probably guess), it’s a phrase you’ll hear at a college party that’s pretty out of control. If someone drinks too much, barfs and then goes back to drinking (always a good idea…) it’s called a “Puke and Rally.”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Yesterday, Reid came down with what must have been a stomach bug. It’s been going around school. He felt warm at lunchtime, so I checked his temp – 101.2F. He poked at his lunch a bit and went to bed. A couple hours later he awoke, hotter than ever.

I went out to do a bit of Christmas shopping and came home after not too long. Reid was snuggling on the couch with Andy and his fever had reached 102F. Not long after I arrived home, Reid started vomiting without warning – as it often goes with these little guys.

Graham, who was sitting on the other side of me totally cracked me up. He goes to daycare, and this time of year, a barfing kid is a total non-event. He just moved closer to the television so Andy’s and my frenetics didn’t interrupt Handy Manny.

Reid was shaken up and cried throughout his following bath. With clean jammies on, we got him settled comfortably in front of the T.V. And he was fine.

No, really, he was fine. A half an hour later, still hot with fever, he started asking for Cheerios. I tried to coax him to just drink water, but he reacted about like you’d imagine anyone would. After those Cheerios were gone – more Cheerios? And then another request. And another. An hour after that, when I was putting supper on the table, he ran over with a smile on his face and said, “DINNER? DINNER!!!!” He ate two pieces of cornbread before I refused to give him any more. He had an early bedtime, and that was it folks.

This morning, no fever, and he’s seemingly 100% fine. Now we see if I’ve Lysoled and bleached enough to keep the rest of us healthy. I hope so, because we’ve got Thanksgiving on the line!!


  1. UNCLE BRIAN!!! says:

    It’s amazing how the younger you are, the quicker you can rally. Charlie and Kate do the same thing. If we get stomach bugs, though? There goes the week.

    • True story. Andy caught Reid’s first ever stomach virus. Reid had some minor GI distress. Andy was violently erupting for hours and laid up the entire next day.

  2. I was actually thinking about Michael Fischer when I read this post :)

    • I remember that story!!!! (Also, for some reason WordPress tagged you as spam, so I caught it and fixed it!)

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