Put Me In, Coach

Graham had his first tee ball practice tonight. (And for once and for all is it TEE ball? Or T-ball? Because I always thought that, since you were basically hitting off a giant tee, that you spelled out the tee. Someone enlighten me, please!)

This has been something Graham has been looking forward to, with gusto. Last night, we laid out his outfit so he’d have the perfect thing to wear. He had an Illinois shirt and athletic shorts (thanks, Uncle Michael!) at the ready. We hit a little snag when Graham made the somber realization that he did not have any special baseball underwear. After quick deliberation, Graham declared that his solution would be to wear no underwear to practice. (I guess better no underwear than be caught in the wrong underwear, right? Makes sort of sense to me…) I was having no success talking him into undershorts of any kind, so – thinking quickly – he and I placed a call right then and there to his Grandpa Craig, who helpfully corroborated my story that baseball players just wear underwear. Plain old underwear – but that, yes, they did wear underwear, so something was probably in order.

(Thanks, Craig! Crisis – and chafing – averted!!)

Today was the big day. To use a baseball analogy, practice was both a hit and a miss.

Today was all about baseball drills. They paired off at the beginning and played catch with other kids their age. Graham paired off with our neighbor, Connor. The boys actually did really well with this, I thought. Graham even caught a ball once! 😉


Then the group split in two: half went to the outfield and half went to bat. Graham was in the batting group.

Graham loved this part. It was his favorite. He had two at-bats total. Loved running the bases. I would cheer him on and give him thumbs up when he’d get on base and look my way. Every time he saw my thumbs up, he’d yell, “THANKS, MOMMY!!” Gotta love that kid.

First at-bat:

Second at-bat:

More hustle and just a lit-tle more style that second time! 😉

Graham was a good little baseball player… until we tried to get him to play in the field. He decided he was pretty much done at that point. We got him out there a couple of times, but he just kept coming back to the fence. He was thirsty, he was hungry, his tummy hurt. The works.

Even so, Graham exceeded my expectations. I thought he did super!

Baby Reid did all his baby duties well.

He hung out with us, climbed on the bench, watched big brother from the fence, tossed his own ball into the field, tried to make a break for the ball diamond it a couple of times and sort of fussed that he couldn’t play until something distracted him.



Graham’s got a couple of kids he knows playing too. Connor, from across the street, is on his team, and so is Sam – a little boy his age from his preschool. They were so excited to see each other. Sam was in the field when Graham was batting, and he yelled to his parents: “I’m going to catch GRAHAM’S ball!!!”

These kids were babies, like, yesterday, you guys. I’m not really sure where these last four years have gone, if we’re being honest. Yet, here we are, playing baseball with the other boys and having just so much fun with it!


  1. Grandpa Paulson says:

    Wow! Way to go Graham, Grandpa is proud of you!

  2. Jesse Phillips says:

    Fun times enjoy Deb! He will be picking flowers and rolling around in the dirt before you know it! T Ball is a blast! Jordan had a great time playing it!

    • Jesse – I have adored Jordan’s baseball pics on FB. So fun to have these kids out playing in the dirt – and you are so right, Graham *will* be the one picking flowers. I’m sure of it!!

  3. Grandpa Craig says:

    Reminds me of 30 years ago with Brian in the field and Andy on the sideline. Some of the best times of our life were at the South Shores baseball diamonds. As Ernie Banks always said. “It’s a Great day for a baseball game. Lets play two.”

  4. The baseball underwear is killing! The call to Grandpa Craig… Brilliant!!

  5. Grandma Sue says:

    Debbie I can tell by the sound of your voice that you are really going to get into this!
    We had some of the best times ever watching our boys play sports and met some fantastic people! I really miss it sometimes.

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