Okay, it’s pretty early to be getting queasy, right? I mean – the books say 6 weeks, and I’m only 4 and change. So…

But here’s the deal, Internet: starting Saturday morning I was like “hmmmm..” when I first woke up in the morning, but it wore off and I completely forgot about it. Sunday, I felt strongly enough to complain to Andy, but after about 15-30 minutes or so, I was golden for the rest of the day.

This morning, strike three. The Quease is really pretty faint to the point where I’m like… “Do I need a Pepcid?” or “Do I feel sick or am I blowing this out of proportion.” I tried to analyze past trends by digging out my pregnancy journal from Graham’s incubation period, but darn if I can’t find the thing. I do remember that I abandoned the journal about halfway through the pregnancy, but it would be so nice to see if this was par for the course or just new fun and games for This One.

At some point, I stopped looking for the missing journal and ate a cereal bar. By the time I was dressed, got Graham dressed and we were both in the car on the way to work/school, I realized I felt completely normal. Then I started feeling off again prior to lunch. And then I ate something, and I felt fine.

It really shouldn’t take a genius to tell me that this is early pregnancy stuff, but I’m still rather in denial. 😛

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