Thank you, thank you to those who have reached out following the last post. I sincerely appreciate it. Especially because the messages I received were just… check-ins. Love it. Thank you.

Very conveniently, I got to spend the days following that post with my beloved family having a wonderful weekend.

It started that very Friday when I got to visit Graham’s school for an annual kindergartner parade for the Chinese new year.


Pictured above [in the red paper hat] is Graham’s teacher. She is so great. Patient and kind and always looking for new ways to help our buddy in class.

This parade thing? This would be something that I typically wouldn’t be able to make if I worked outside the home. But here we are. I got a flyer inviting parents to join, so I did. And do you think it makes a difference?


You’d better believe it does.

I talk with Graham fairly regularly about how my being available to hang out after school and come to things like this during the day are a temporary thing while I’m on the job hunt. And we then talk about how we are just going to enjoy the heck out of it while it lasts.

I think we’re doing a pretty good job. :)

On to the weekend!

Graham was edgier than usual, but we did have unseasonably warm (and SUNNY!) weather, so we got a chance to take advantage by making a trip to our local zoo.

I’m going to take a moment and say how impressed I am with the Madison zoo. First off, it’s free. You drive up, park and walk in. No one so much as counts heads or anything. Crazy.

Knowing it’s free, I expected something fairly modest. In fact, when we said we were going to go to the zoo, Reid immediately yelled, “I WANT TO SEE THE LIONS!!! :::ROOOAARRRRR:::,” Andy and I were all, “Well, there may not be lions,” and “…there might be some sort of big cat, maybe.”


But no. There were lions. And a tiger. (No bears!) And giraffes and penguins and chimps.


We ran into one of my friends from my hometown there and his wife and son. It felt like all young families in Madison were at the zoo Saturday. The day was perfection.

Sunday was pretty great too – to start.


Despite the big smiles in the zoo pictures, Graham was pretty crabby on Saturday. We attributed it to too many Saturday morning cartoons. After a particularly nasty outburst from him, we stripped him of T.V. rights on Sunday.

Funny that these ‘no T.V.’ days end up being the best days. He and Reid played alllllll morning and were so sweet with each other. Graham was mildly complaining that morning of his tummy feeling icky, but otherwise we had a pretty normal day. Graham and Andy went to the hardware store for some lumber so Andy can build some shelves in my closet. Reid and I ran some other errands that morning too.

Graham had lunch then we played Uno through Reid’s naptime. Take a look at these awesome card holders Graham thought up! I’m sure it’s mommy goggles, but this kid just impresses the pants off me sometimes.


It wasn’t long after this picture was taken that our day took a turn. Graham went out to the wood shop with Andy to make little card-holders out of wood, but they came back in after 10 or 15 minutes when Graham started feeling super suspect. Not long after, the fireworks started. 😉

Poor kid. It seemed like this thing was going to be fairly run-of-the-mill bug. After a couple of rounds in as many hours, things seemed to be slowing down, but he then made the regrettable error of chugging a bunch of water which made the gastrointestinal gods angry, which then led to him… making sacrifices… every 20 minutes for the next 3 hours. He even woke up moaning a couple of times shortly after he went to bed.

It was bad enough that we were resorting to trying a bit of Dramamine and placing a call to the on-call pediatrician for advice, which we haven’t done for a stomach bug since Graham was a toddler. This one was a doozy!

After a quiet night, we figured Graham would be feeling much improved this morning, but we sort of rushed things too quickly. Soon after he got up, I offered that it might feel good to get in the shower. He agreed, but shortly after getting under the water, he started moaning, “I need my trash can” again.

Thankfully for him it was a false alarm. But – message received. We’re going slowly this morning.


Project Rehydration is in full effect! I treated him to a couple of Redbox DVDs, fresh sheets and jammies and – per the on-call pediatrician’s advice – taking 2 tsp shots (yep, out of an old college shotglass!) of Gatorade every few minutes. Which means I’ve been writing this post in 5 minute increments.

Suffice it to say, we’re recovering. In more ways than one. Graham’s little smile in the above pic is a ray of hope. He should be feeling much perkier as the day stretches on. Meanwhile, I feel more positive this week. And I feel in my bones that this job hunt is drawing to a close.

In the meantime, I’m needed at home. It’s a good feeling to be where you’re supposed to be.


  1. 1. Dying to know who you ran into at the zoo 2. Your closet is empty, why do you need shelves? 3. Glad you and Graham are both feeling better…

    • Touché! I need the shelves because I need more drawer space (we’ll be using a few of those cloth cube drawers.) Its amazing what you can do with a closet with barely any clothes in it. I rearranged our furniture today and ended up putting our tallboy dresser in the closet and now we have a place to put a little sitting area in our room. I so need to get a job. LOL.

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