Spring has sprung, and I’m in the mood for a refresh.

Case in Point #1: I’m redesigning the site, and I can’t wait for it to go live. People – I am so excited. I’ve got a new palette of colors and my contact page exists. Or, rather, it will when the new site goes up.

Sidebar. That contact page stumped the heck out of me for, oh, two years, and then once I actually set out to figure it out – it took me like two seconds. You’ll never believe how I figured it out either…. I went to Google. I typed in: “Free WordPress contact form plugin,” and I got recommendation after recommendation for a good free plugin. Ridiculous, really. Two minutes later, I had a Contact page. Bam.

Case in Point #2: I got a 30% off coupon for Gap and Banana Republic outlet stores. In-store only (rare these days) and two days only. It… was crazy. But I saved so much money. And Graham has half a 3T wardrobe for spring and summer now. He is gonna be one dapper man. (I cannot confirm or deny that he has more than two pairs of madras shorts now.) I am very excited for this warm weather.

Case in Point #3: I am itching to get outside and tackle the warm weather things on our running homestead to-do list.

On it:

  1. Pansies for the front door pot.
  2. Scrub the balconies.
  3. Wash down and restain/seal patio furniture.
  4. Wash the windows.
  5. Replant the garden.
  6. Mulch the beds.

This warm sunny weather is all kinds of inspiring, and I’m trying to remind myself to soak it in before hell comes ablazin’ by June. :)

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