Reid’s 2 Month Appointment

Yep. A solid MONTH behind schedule! I figure better late than never. Although, when I go back in a few years to try and find this post, I’ll likely be looking [incorrectly] in the archives for the month of February.

At any rate, Reid’s 2-month check-up went off without a hitch. The child still rocks a big noggin. He was running a little smaller, percentile-wise, than either the doctor or I expected him to be – especially since he was in the 50th %ile for height and weight at last checkup – but this is how Graham grew too, so :::shrug:::. My boys are weird.

Note the “eczema” comment. Lordy, this boy has had the skin issues. At this appointment, he had a perfect trifecta: eczema on his arms and chest, baby acne on his face and cradle cap on his scalp.

The cradle cap thing totally threw us for a loop. Graham never had it, so we’re like first-timers again. If you ask people what cradle cap is, they’ll tell you it’s “baby dandruff”. Okay. We had it much worse than that.

Sure, their scalp is flaky, but that’s not the bad part. A little awkward, yes, but it’s handle-able. Reid also had yellow, oily, scabby scales almost around the front part of his scalp, just above the forehead. Yuck. The irritation spread down his forehead to his eyebrows and made his whole forehead just… angry red.

To treat it, we had to rub his entire head with oil, comb out flakes, wash with Selsun Blue, make sure to shampoo every day, brush-brush-brush the flakes out, use some hydrocortisone cream on his forehead and where the hair is thin, and – well -wait for him to grow out of it.

Because, really, time and Wolverine-like healing power is really your best ally when it comes to babies.

All said, it took 6 weeks for the cradle cap to really calm down. Just in time for school to start! :)

Doesn’t mean that he still didn’t win awards for SUPER cuteness, because… well, obviously.

Deep conversations with Jacques the Peacock

Also notable around the 2-month mark were sleep issues. Just like big bro, Reid’s daytime sleep degraded into frustrating nothingness around the 6-week mark. Sometimes swaddling helped, sometimes not. Sometimes he’d sleep in the swing, sometimes the crib, sometimes my arms. Whatever worked yesterday FOR SURE didn’t work today and probably wouldn’t work tomorrow.

Thankfully, that too only lasted a month or so, so by the time I was gearing up to head back to work, the kid was napping like a pro again. Mostly swaddled and in the swing, but whatever, because he was going to have to relearn everything AGAIN when he went to daycare. I figured I might as well have some sanity in the meantime!

Just note that parenting a baby the second time around totally rocks because I’m not spending my waking hours wondering if what I’m doing is totally and irrevocably damaging him in some way. :) I don’t worry so much about the “Should I be”s. So nice!

Coming soon: a post about our first week back in action! To come after we all recover from our respective comas, that is…



  1. Michelle says:

    Yea! Welcome back,I’ve missed you :) it figures that something’s got to give when you add a whole new human to your life, but I happy to see you here again!

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