Reid’s First Week at Daycare

I’m a week or two late in writing this, but I believe it still deserves documentation…

Reid has started daycare, and I’m back in action at work. Technically, this is Week 3 Day 2. (And we’re already working our way through Reid’s second cold! Ha!)

We had a bit of a softer start than I did with Graham. The Friday before I returned to work full time, I dropped Mr. Reid at daycare and filled a day full of wonderful things for ME. (How selfish!) Yep, I got my hair done, ate a fabulous lunch, then went and got a mani/pedi.

Needless to say: I felt miserable pretty much all damn day.

Huh? Well, okay, so taking the second kid to daycare isn’t as gut-wrenching as it was for me with the first kid. I get daycare. I understand the flow. I know that he’s gonna smell different when he gets home and that there’s going to be a coughing baby with a booger hanging out of their nose when I drop off my precious widdle bundle of perfection that first morning.

I know all that. But still, Reid had been my buddy through maternity leave. He didn’t really mind being in the carseat, so we went places. He had fussy days but he also very frequently had laid-back days, so I didn’t have a visceral need to get AWAY for a few hours.

So my little trial run on Friday felt stupid and pointless, and – even though I was the epitome of self-indulgence – I pretty much disliked every minute of it.

Gathering my baby in my arms on Friday night?

Felt so good. :)

I spent the whole weekend thinking that my daycare test drive was worthless.

That is, until I went to work on Monday.

That Monday morning (a.k.a. my first day back at work), I had no issues getting the boys up and off to daycare. Heck, I was at work by 8! Sure, I was exhausted, but that was beside the point. I had realized logistical success.

And guess what? Because Reid had already done a full day at daycare, I wasn’t worried about how all THAT was going. I knew that he’d eaten and slept successfully for an entire day away from me. I knew he wasn’t somewhere far away having the most miserable day of his little life. And that comfort on that day made that “stupid” test run COMPLETELY worthwhile.

That was also basically the last time we saw Reid awake for the rest of the week. He started sleeping through the night Monday night and hasn’t gone back. (Well, okay, he’s sleeping like crap right now because he’s sick, but he DID have it. So I’m hoping to get those full nights of sleep back once he’s better. Pretty please, Universe??)

Also so adorable? They sleep unswaddled at daycare. How cute is this?!

Not even kidding you… I’m thinking of renaming him “Rip Van Winkle”. Daycare is tough stuff! So much going on. :)

He’s adjusted a little bit week by week in that he’s not SO exhausted when he gets home.

It continues to go well. Some tactical details, for posterity:

  • I drop off in the mornings, and Andy picks both the boys up at night.
  • Graham has a stoplight clock now that is red when we turn it on and doesn’t turn green until 6:45 a.m. He’s not supposed to get out of bed before then, and you know what? It TOTALLY works! No more 5:30 a.m. wake up calls!
  • I get up at 5:30 (ouch!), get myself ready, then try and wake Reid up by 6:15 so I can feed him and get him back to bed before Graham wakes up at 6:45.
  • Graham watches T.V. every morning now. I don’t like it, but I’m not sure how to get around it. It keeps him occupied while I get him dressed, get the baby dressed, make bottles, pack backpacks, make coffee, make a snack and pack the car.

Also? I can’t fully express in written word how AMAZING it feels to get both boys strapped securely in their carseats, slide into the front seat, look in the rearview mirror and say, “Okay, family! Here we go!”

I get a solid 10 minutes to chat with Graham on the way to school. We talk about the sun, about what we think is for breakfast at school (the person who makes the silliest answer wins – purple sparkle gummyworms, anybody?), who is a girl, who is a boy, who are his friends at school and who threw wood chips on the playground yesterday. Sometimes conversation shifts to baby brother. If he’s awake or asleep and what he’s wearing. It’s a great part of the day. :)

So, it’s working! Most mornings I’m not at work until 8:30, but sometimes I can make it by 8. It’s been an adjustment to go back to work, but these two are making it pretty easy on us, truth be told.

They’re such good little boys. :)


  1. So happy it’s going well. That’s not a coincidence, either. You both work hard at getting it “just right”.

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