Reid’s First Year in Review

My video tribute to our littlest boy’s first year of life.

(What did you think I’d forget? I was just set back a little… given the cross-country move and temporary living arrangment. I didn’t get the Mac back until January. I’d say two months isn’t too shabby with all that we’ve had going on.)

Enjoy! I tried to make it as sweet as he is, but he sets the bar so stinking high!! :)

Song: “Sweet Disposition”, Temper Trap


  1. Michelle says:

    Ahhhh! Kill me with cuteness!!

  2. God… why does it have to go by so fast?

    Great job, Debbie.  Love the crawling toward the iPad, only to reveal that he was crawling toward Mommy.  Killed me.

    • I don’t know how widely this was known, but Reid crawled for the first time while I was in Brazil. So I saw his debut crawl – that very video clip – while I was sitting in an Admiral’s club in Rio waiting to board a plane back home. Andy sent it to me. I was so close – yet so very, very far – from being home to see it myself. This is also referred to as the time that my entire team saw me cry.

  3. I’ve watched this over and over! What a delight! Our next visit seems too long to wait.

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