Safety Dance

This weekend was a sort of smish-smash of events. It all started with Graham’s weekly swim class on Friday afternoon. It was boat safety week. :)


They donned life vests and reviewed some boat safety procedures.


Makes me giggle too, but he had fun. And there were some concepts that they reviewed that I was glad for Graham to hear.

#1: If someone’s struggling in the water, don’t jump in to save them. Yell for help and get an adult. There are a lot of drownings turned double drownings when the swimmer – most often children and teens – are overwhelmed by a drowning victim.

#2: Call 9-1-1 if it’s an emergency. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never talked about 9-1-1 to Graham. It never even occurred to me. I took my cue from his swim lesson and we practiced calling 9-1-1 from both the house phone and my cell phone. It’s way more complicated than when we were kids. It’s not just a phone with a dial tone anymore! You have to pick up the handset, hit “Talk,” listen for the dial tone, dial 9-1-1. And from a cell phone? So many more steps than that.

Let’s just say – I hope he never has to use it for all our sakes!


Sidenote: I adore Graham’s swim teacher, Miss Megan. And so does he. See that bow in her hair? She wears a different colored one every week. It’s so the kids in the pool can easily pick her out because all the swim teachers have the same uniform. :)

Saturday, we kept the safety theme going and went to the city’s public safety open house at the police station. A fire station is right next door. They had all the police and fire & rescue vehicles there to tour.

Graham got to sit in a hostage negotiation mobile unit.


He looks *way* too at home here. :)

We also toured a police car, CSI mobile lab (owned by Department of Home Security and valued at just over $300,000), and a SWAT van (basically a covered wagon… with mega armor) too. The SWAT team had all their crazy artillery out to show. Andy kind of fell in here. Graham kept calling them the “good guys”.

Also, funny. There’s a good-humored rivalry between all these law enforcement/public safety divisions. The SWAT team gave Graham a police badge sticker and said, “You want a badge like mine? Here… gotta get ya before the fire department guys do.” And later another police officer at a different station told Graham that when you go to police academy, you have to take a test, and – if you fail – they send you to SWAT. đŸ˜‰

Also, we got Graham’s photo taken and fingerprints registered there. And later: bounce house and hot dogs.


Later that night – not safety related, but cute – Graham and Reid unwound with a few rounds of jack-in-the-box while Andy dropped the crib. (Reid is getting SO close to pulling up consistently. I with his height and, uh, top-heaviness, we decided better do this early!)





I will never get tired fir these sibling shots. Love those boys. We had a great weekend together. Hope you had good weekends too!


  1. Michelle says:

    I laughed out loud so hard at Graham in the negotiation unit. He looks like a cool cucumber with his shades on and sucker. Could there be a future for him in law enforcement? He does like to play by the rules :)

  2. I could see him as a potential hostage negotiator. Maybe. “Release one hostage.. no FIVE. I want FIVE.. TEN hostages. Nooo… I said TEN!” :)

    • Five is Charlie’s favorite request, too. “One more minute” “No, FIVE more minutes”

  3. Maybe we need to send a couple of jr agent t-shirts your way…. :)

  4. It looks like the Jack in the Box scared the pacifier out of Reid’s mouth when he jumped out.

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