Secret, Leaked

We had an unexpected breach in security tonight. Brian and Michelle officially know about the baby, and I have only myself to blame. :)

It happened over an offer of margaritas. Four glasses were set out on the counter and everyone had been served but me. I declined with everything BUT grace, and there was nothing to do but come clean.

It’s nice having other people know. It makes the news feel more real in a way. They know we just found out and haven’t so much as been to the doctor yet, but still it’s nice to have someone else in the world know. You know?

Side note: This pregnancy is kind of funny to me. Once I found out I was expecting Graham, the idea of being pregnant was all-consuming. Now? I have trouble remembering, quite honestly. Sometimes, almost an entire day will go by without thinking about it. I know this won’t last, but if I can keep a shred of this going, these nine months are apt to go by pretty fast. I’ll sign up for that!

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