Sick Day

Well, Reid got kicked out of school yesterday afternoon. I got that stomach-dropping call from daycare in the middle of the afternoon. (Daycare and school moms know it: when the school’s phone number pops up on the phone, and you know they’re calling about one of your kids. There’s a moment before you answer when a flash of panic/dread spikes and quickly recedes because you know it could be really bad or it could be nothing.)

Reid’s teacher said he had a temp of 101.5, so I dropped everything to pick him up.

I gave him some Advil when I got home and the fever broke. He lingered around 100 when I put him to bed, but when I went to check on him before *I* went to bed, he was the definition of burning up. I’ve never felt a kid so hot. Took his temp again: 103.5.

Yeah – we stayed home from school today.


Reidy woke up with a temp around 102, so I’ve been letting him simmer without Advil. He doesn’t seem uncomfortable, just tired. He ate two bowls of cereal then went back to sleep.


He looks downright happy here, right?

Reid slept from 9 – Noon and woke up for lunch.


Here he actually didn’t have much of an appetite. Ate half his yogurt, most of his milk and most of a slice of cheese before the cheese became distasteful and he started to try and scrape it out of his mouth.

I sort of wonder if he has a sore throat. (But just try and look down a toddler’s throat. TRY IT. Doctors must spend their entire third year of medical school just perfecting the toddler throat check. Impossible!)

We sat and watched T.V. for a bit, and Reid started asking for his baby[doll]. I went and got it and, for kicks, got a baby bottle out of the cupboard. He loves babies but is even more excited about them after having his cousin Kate here this weekend.

Reid is a natural.


We took turns feeding the baby.

Then I turned on some Barney, and he loved it. O Lord Almighty, what have I done??


Then by around 1:15 (mind you, he woke up at Noon) he looked like this:


So back to bed for Bonzo.

Craig and Susan – having been fully informed of the presence of whatever-this-is in the house – decided we should still keep our weekend plans for a visit. They arrive here midafternoon! Then only time will tell what our weekend plans end up being. Can’t wait! Just hope Reid shakes whatever has him down!

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