Signs of Life

I stayed up late watching the Oscars tonight. For once, Andy actually went to bed before I did. Unprecedented.

He asked me to do a couple of things before I came up: put the dog to bed and leave the basement door open (to keep our heat a little more even.) One thing he notably didn’t do or ask me to do was tidy up.

So I did what any red blooded American mom would do: I completed the two requests and headed for bed. But before shutting off the lights, I started to notice the little signs of life around me. Remnants of my little boys’ collective day.


A rocketship with no spaceman.



A rubber snake, a toy truck.


This shoe.


That shoe. (Or, as Baby Reid pronounces it: “shh-thbthpbthhthh”)


Two balls and Graham’s cop car.


A Spider-Man balloon that may just never come down. Until Andy or I get annoyed enough to pull it off the ceiling. Which we obviously haven’t.


A new pair of binoculars and a spiky ball that expands and contracts.

I can still hear the laughter and thumps of heavy-limbed boys chasing each other around the house. Still hear the screams and tears of fights that happened over nothing in particular except that they’re brothers and that’s what they do.

They are exhausting but I love it.

Tonight I left this stuff around because in 7 short hours, two little guys are going to be heading downstairs to pick up where they leave off. And tomorrow morning it will be exactly where they remember leaving it.

Just this once. :)

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