Silly Baby

Reid is home with me today. Wheezing again. He’s taking it like a champ, but we did go see the doctor today to see why his Flovent/albuterol cocktail doesn’t keep him breathing easily during a flareup.

Clearly, he takes this all in stride – as demonstrated below.

He thinks he sounds funny when he’s wheezing, and he has this funny little chipmunk laugh that he does. I wanted to get it on video and ended up just rolling tape and getting a good collection of Reid’s daily antics. It’s perfect. He is a little hamball. Just imagine what it’s like when he and Graham get together! We get nothing done!

On the breathing front, we now have a higher dose of Flovent, and we now have a nebulizer to administer meds when he has a cold to hopefully get his two medicines administered more effectively. Here’s hoping!


  1. LOVE the nebulizer! We use it anytime Jase starts to cough, wheeze whatever.

    • We’ve been doing the inhalers in that way, but they’re not holding up their end of the bargain. šŸ˜‰

  2. And, can I just say I love the “eating” – Jase has decided today to lick the counter. So weird how their minds work!

  3. Love the monster shtick at the end, scary hands and all. And never misses a bite thru it all!

  4. UNCLE BRIAN!!! says:

    Oh man, I forgot all about 2 year olds. Too funny. He seems so young and so old at the same time. He’s actually a little older in that video than Charlie was when we moved to Atlanta. Hard to believe.

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