Six Months

Oh, Baby Reid. I look at you and simply cannot believe we’ve been blessed to know you for only a mere 6 months. 6 short months, and still I can’t seem to remember a time when I didn’t know you – when you weren’t a part of our family.

The last couple of months since your last doctor’s check-up have been quite a ride, son. You’ve endured some minor medical drama (very minor, thankfully) and hit a couple of big developmental milestones. But I think the biggest change I’ve witnessed is the evolution of this charming personality. It is absolutely heart-swelling. Your smiles seem so personal. Seem so… just for me. Daddy says this too. So do your teachers, as a matter of fact. I love how you absolutely love people.

And your favorite person of all… your hero… The-One-Who-Can-Do-No-Wrong?

Big Brother. Oh boy, Kiddo. You’ve got it for him so bad.

And he for you too, gladly.

He is both your personal court jester…

… your teacher …

… and your protector.

He cannot wait for you to wake up in the morning and always wants you to sit by him when he’s watching T.V. or eating dinner. He informs your father and I what you need (“blankie,” “bubba,” or “paci”), and will even sometimes get up and retrieve it for you himself.

Graham would walk over hot coals for you right now, baby. And I expect that even though someday – when you two are older and prone to bickering and out-and-out arguments – even though it may not feel like it, I’m pretty sure he would do the same to make sure you were taken care of.

What else for these past couple of months?

Early on, right about 4 months, we hit up the Dallas Zoo.

What a sweet little animal-lover. Most memorable thing about that trip was your pooping out of an outfit while we were waiting in a long line for the train. So I changed you right there in line, because it was like a half-mile walk out of the convoluted train-waiting situation to find a restroom, which would surely have the gagging-est changing table. Sometimes it’s maybe not so great to have a mom with some experience under her belt. Sorry, kiddo!

And who could forget the Earpocalypse and The Infection that WOULD NOT CLEAR.

I still say that those are the absolute saddest pictures I have of you. But you are tubed now, and doing fantastically! Best decision yet.

Thankfully, those tubes allowed you to get out of the swing-sleeping situation you were in and got you back in the crib for better sleep! It was about this time (just shy of 5 months) that you started rolling onto your tummy from your back.

But it didn’t take you long to realize that you preferred sleeping on your back. You would cry if you woke up on your tummy!

Sitting up started about now too, didn’t take you long to become a pro at that! Fully sitting up at 5-and-a-half months.

Of course, you’re not stopping there – and why would you? You’re now constantly reaching for toys. Getting on your belly. Streeeettching out to get something. Wiggling around, starting to pull knees in to scoot yourself over to a toy that’s just out of reach. Crawling’s not too far away!

At about 5 months (it was a busy time!), the 40 OUNCES of formula you were drinking started to not be enough. Given the doctor wanted us to stay under 35 ounces, it was time to start practicing with some solids!

Your first try was with rice cereal. Didn’t do too bad!

You liked your cereal well enough, but you weren’t really adept at opening your mouth for it at first. We started with about a tablespoon – of which you left most behind. That, coupled with 5 bottles of 8-ounces formula each, spaced about 3 hours apart, was your feeding schedule for the day at 5 months.

Now, at 6 months, you’re eating 4 9-ounce bottles of formula, two 2-3 tablespoon servings of rice cereal and a half small container of veggies with dinner. You sit at the table with us while we eat our dinner and, if you’re not eating too, you look over at Graham and open your mouth like a little baby bird. Hoping that he’ll get the message that you want some food. :)

All this eating is making you grow like gangbusters!

At your 6-month appointment, your growth was:

Weight = 20 lbs (88%ile)
Height = 27.5 in (80%ile)
Head = 18.3 in (>97%ile)

Believe it or not, I’m still cramming you into 6-9 month clothing, but I need to get out your 9-12 month box and switch over your closet. Truth be told, I had a couple of 18-month outfits hanging in your closet that ended up looking scarily comfortable on you. We might have skipped a size? Say it ain’t so!

Last – but certainly not least – you seem to have found your chatterbox. Sometimes when the mood is right, we get you talking and talking and you don’t stop! Absolutely hilarious. You clearly have a lot to share with us.

We love you SO so much, baby boy, and we are having so much fun with you right now. I’m not sure what we did to deserve such a lovable little bundle like you, but oh am I ever so grateful!

P.S. Those ankle circles you’re doing in that video? That started on our road trip to Illinois and hasn’t stopped yet. You like to do it when you’re in your carseat, high chair or when you’re lounging back eating a bottle. Usually it’s just one foot, but it gets to be two feet when you’re excited about something. :)


  1. Michelle says:

    Love this little boy! Can’t wait to see him in a couple of weeks :)
    I should also note that I completely have baby memory loss….  I laughed out loud about Reid blowing out his outfit; I completely forgot about that being a possibility! I also have no idea how formula is too much. Funny how much you forget….thanks for reminding me!

    • Momnesia is REAL! And it doesn’t help that all babies are so different. Sometimes it’s stuff I totally forgot about, other times it’s stuff I never knew. Sometimes Andy and I get into arguments about which of those categories we’re dealing with!

  2. Grandma Vena says:

    Thanks, Debbie, for keeping us informed about Reid. Gosh! he is growing so fast. I would say, he is quite the keeper . Darling, baby

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