So Much to Say…

Hoo boy, we’ve been busy round here! It started with Craig and Susan coming to town to [among other things] watch G while Andy and I celebrated his birthday with massages, dinner out and an evening in a hotel downtown.

Glorious. All of it. I was so unbelievably relaxed. Like I said on my Twitter feed, I realized that – by the time we arrived home – it’d been a solid 18 hours since I’d last had to wipe anything down: faces, hands, counters, chairs, bibs, carseat, tables… nothing. I’m actually trying really hard to remind myself that this was *Andy’s* birthday present.

Other than that, beside the perpetual motion of our day-to-day existence, Graham is an official wordaholic. He’s been stringing together 4-word sentences that… sorry… will seriously put you in your place.

“NO Mommy… Daddy chair.”

Stuff like that, but that is just the beginning. I’ve got a… plethora… of little word stories for you.

  • Graham pronounces “text” (like a text on your phone) “sex”. In the restaurant for Andy’s birthday, I pulled out my phone to look at something, and Graham yelled, “SEX!” “What?!?!?” “Sex! Mommy! Mommy, sex!  Sex.. SEX!!!!!!!!”  (File this under a great way to get someone to put away their phone quickly!)
  • Don’t get me started on how he pronounces the word “flag”.
  • Big into coins right now, Graham is becoming a fanatic for “carders” (known to the rest of the world as “quarters”). It started with a coin-operated ride outside the Banana Republic Outlet, and has spun into a fascination with his “piggy bake” (piggy bank).
  • Graham now knows that the iPad does FaceTime. One of his favorite things to do is “Call Gamma”. Sometimes I forget myself and pick up the phone, but Graham will remind me, “No.. no phone, Mommy. iPad. Call Gamma.” And I’m all: yes I know this is how we old people *used* to call people, son.
  • He now exuberantly can say, “YO GABBA GABBA!” (instead of the simple “Gabba” requests).
  • We’re starting to get favorite color requests, but we’ve learned to wait for his second request. The first request never sticks.  Take this morning, for example. “Water,  mommy?” “Okay bud, I’ll go get you some water.” “Green one?” “Green cup, it is.” Then I shut the car door and hear him yell at the top of his lungs, “NO… ORANGE!!!! ORANGE ONE!!”  Hehehe.
  • Graham is saying “Sorry” now. (Halle-bleeping-lujah.) Last night, totally unprompted (this was unprecedented and may never happen again, I’ll add) Graham was playing on the floorwith Andy, did something that neither Andy nor I could recall, and said, “Sorry…Da-ddy.” Then he walked over, bent over at the waist, got real near his face and said, “MUAH” for a kiss. Andy and I both nearly dissolved on the spot.
  • One last one: Yesterday, I woke Graham up before the sun had peeked over the rooftops, so it was pretty dim, even when I opened the blinds. Graham opened his eyes and said, “Raining outside?” I fibbed and said, “I dunno buddy,” to which he replied, “Go look?” So I got him out of his crib, and he padded out of his room and into the great room. He tapped the blinds with a finger to indicate I needed to raise them. Blinds out of the way, Graham bent over a bit, put his hands on his knees and peered out side for a good, silent 10 seconds or so. Then he stood up, said, “Nope!” and ran back to his room. I called after him, “Nope? No what?” He yelled back, “Not raining!”

He’s also singing songs now.  This little clip, I took at the restaurant on Andy’s birthday. I, like so many other things, had no idea Graham knew this song.



  1. Laughed out loud….he’s a funny guy :)

  2. GrandmaP says:

    Great update!

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