So, What Are Your Plans?

I answer this question a lot. And it’s sort of awkward because, of course, I don’t have plans. Plans went out the window a few months ago when the layoffs happened. The plans Andy and I had been working off of was to find a job that would get us closer to family so we could have less commuting time, more family visits, and still work a job I loved.

Back in August, that plan went kaboom. So, NEW PLAN.

New Plan was to use the three months’ notice between my layoff notification and my last day of work to find a new job. That would mean that I could take my severance and have a tidy little sum of ‘sorry this crap thing happened, why don’t you buy yourself some new floors’ money.

That job never came, unfortunately. So, NEWER PLAN.

Newer Plan is still being defined. But Newer Plan is going to be awesome. Newer Plan is not like any Previous Plan. Newer Plan is going to go something like this:

  1. Finally – for once and for all – cover up the last of the pastel paint on our main floor. Lavender and Lemon Yellow bit the dust late last year. Mint Green and Sherbet Orange’s days are numbered. Mwa-ha-ha.
  2. Learn how to make caramel. I have ALWAYS wanted to make that amazing caramel that costs a quarter at the drug store checkout, but never had the time. I plan to buy a candy thermometer, crap tons of butter and sugar at Costco, and bust out the lab notebook and figure this out.
  3. Be ready for Christmas this year. Maybe even volunteer in the kids classroom parties. Coordinate the teacher gifts and shipping our other gifts and actually bake cookies.
  4. Run. Every day. (Okay, most days.)
  5. Have lunches with my friends who also lost their jobs.
  6. If Newer Plan stretches into January, I’m reinstituting Archival Month – which is processing, sorting and album’ing (is that a word?) photos and videos from the past year.
  7. Declutter. I’ve been making staggered inconsistent attempts at this over the past few months, but I’ll have time to dig in now.

Those are the plans. Of course, job hunting will be happening too, but it’s a pretty well-known phenomenon that job postings slow almost to a halt in December, so I’m planning on filling my time accordingly. I’m open to any suggestions you might have. Put em in the comments or send them along in an email!


  1. Rose has learned how to make kick-ass caramel. I’m sure she’d be happy to help shorten the learning curve.

  2. Love this plan! Enjoy the holidays with the boys and for once doing things you love. Then you’ll be ready to tackle 2016! Love you friend!

  3. I love your plans, and your positivity! Can I add to your list?? More posts! I would love to see the before and afters of your projects and learn how to make caramels too!

  4. Good plans…. Go see Santa on an “off day.” (i.e. not a weekend) – I have a great recipe for french chocolate if you want (it has nuts but I bet you can make it without) & candied orange peel! Enjoy a cup of coffee and the idea that you don’t have to do anything today; tomorrow will come too fast. :) luv u and miss u!

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